Help me to break SHIRASE 1000

Thread in 'Strategy' started by Amnesia, 2 Feb 2011.

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    It has been a few months now that I strangely struggle on a very accurate point :

    I can't survive enough after SHIRASE 700.
    I can pretty consistently break 500, in a good day I am 90% of the time over 500, or at 500...

    SHIRASE 600 speed is a mystery for me, I can manual lock in stacking almost efficiently, I can let the game running alone and keep a very stable stack and I can even use complexe moves..
    But at 700 the garbage rate increase a lot and at this point, it is always the same scenario, I die half of the time by the garbage because I can't recover and stagne instead, or at a several moment, a combinaison of particular move will trigger a trouble in my hands and I will fucked up my stack.
    At 600 if I fucked up, I have less than 1% of chance to stabilize and recover.

    With a few videos it would speak to you more, I will try to record some attemps.

    Any advice from people who maybe knew such a problem in the past could be usefull for me.

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  2. Man, I know what you mean. I've been playing from 500 a lot lately and the speed plus the garbage lines is just insane...

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