Help Amnesia to find the good stick (not too expensive)...

Thread in 'Hardware' started by Amnesia, 26 Feb 2009.

  1. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake ... 15510.html

    Let's go for this one...
    I repeat, a last time because I am bored, I only need a good and efficient stick !!!
    and the possibility to adapt a standart restritor..I don't want you to tell me "don't buy this shit!, choose instead the Hori Arcade virtua pro XG 2078 zeta truc chti for 150 euros..

    The one I pointed, I can get it for 74 euros in a shop close to my home, but if you want to destroy this stick on this thread, please give me serious argument, in considering that I am not rich.
  2. m:)

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  3. Muf


    Yeah, definitely go for the Tournament Edition. The one you linked to has fake arcade parts, and I know you're not good with a soldering iron.
  4. m:)

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    soldering is ez to..

    you can buy a cheeper stick and swap parts..
    that would probably land you in the middle price range between those two sticks.
  5. Muf


    I already recommended that before, but it fell on deaf ears. I don't think Amnesia wants to have anything to do with technical things like modifying a joystick. He says he "hates the informatic", whatever that's supposed to mean.


    Amnesia, don't say you don't like the look of this... [​IMG]

  6. Wow! Is that for real? I want one.
  7. It's for real because it supports custom artwork. Anything is possible! [​IMG] But yeah using that Ti background would be hot.
  8. whoa thats a beautiful stick muf
  9. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    I am a shit in informatic, but I have good mechanical abilities, remember two things, I have a engineering mechanical diploma, and I already opened my current stick to fix the button and the restrictors more time than everybody else here I think..
    so if I can get the good advices here to find the good parts, I can make the mechanicals improvements by myself.

    I just want a restrictor, for the rest I really don't care ! I am sure the quality of the buttons is already much better than mine..

    EDIT : and your TI stick is the most sexy I ever saw..
  10. Muf


    Then why didn't you follow this advice I gave you? It's the complete DIY solution to an arcade joystick. You get the housing, the spare parts, and a USB gamepad PCB, and solder everything together. I'm sorry if I offended you by underestimating your technical abilities, but you don't exactly show off your DIY prowess in here. If I had an engineering diploma I'd probably have constructed an entire joystick with housing from scratch.
  11. m:)

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  12. I'm confused as to how an engineer can be so poor as to not afford a reasonably priced and amazing stick:


    Amnesia, I will be serious with you for: The stick you linked is "ok" but it is not a real arcade stick. It is probably the best stick without real arcade parts you can buy, because you can directly replace the parts with real parts without any complicated modifications. So I give you 2 options, and I insist you pick one of these:

    1) Buy the cheaper SF4 stick you linked, and buy some real arcade parts to put inside. At least get a real joystick... The buttons are good enough for Tetris. This will be more work than option 2) but it will save you a few Euros.

    2) It's just a few Euro more so I suggest that you buy the greatest stick ever sold to consumers:


    Knowing how much you use your current stick, I guarantee that you will never regret spending your money on the best one:

  13. man, because he lives in france.
    france is good when you don't want to work and live from national charity... but when it comes to working and pay tax, OUCH
  14. Maybe amnesia should set up a Good Stick Paypal Fund. If he reaches death 800 before April, I pledge ten dollars.
  15. m:)

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    what have you done!

    i think we could tweak this song to fit Amnesia... ohh it's stuck in my head already [​IMG]
  16. Custom homemade stick: guide, (french) shop (and link to the joystick part).

    Now build your stick and hit the jackpot, or die without owning TGM player's most powerful weapon.
    Or buy this decade most awesome prebuild arcade stick


    (muf, I hate you, I want one now ;( )
  17. That is a sweet stick. It's making me all tingly...
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    I'm sure Amnesia's not quite that cheap. [​IMG]

  20. m:)

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    Jujube, that is funny [​IMG]


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