Records: [Heboris] The limit of concentration: Lock Delay Challenge

Thread in 'Competition' started by caffeine, 15 Jul 2007.

  1. Records

    10 | 0:45:78 | TI-WORLD | DIGITAL

    12 | 0:45:05 | TI-WORLD | kotetsu213

    30 | 1:44:56 | TI-WORLD | Lardarse

    12 | 0:51:36 | SRS-X | caffeine

    13 | 1:16.53 | SRS-X | jujube

    On Heboris with these settings,
    • SIMPLE-40L (40 LINES)
    • INIT LR MOVE: off (X)
    • SPEED: 1200
    • LINE CLEAR (syoukyo): 0
    • ARE (syutugen): 0
    • Rotation systems banned: ACE-SRS, ACE-ARS, ACE-ARS2, and DS-WORLD
    What is the lowest number of lock delay frames (settyaku) you can survive while completing 40 lines?

    Include which rotation system you used and the time it took. Time will separate players with the same lock delay record. I am aware of the differences between rotation systems, but I can't do much about that since the developers didn't separate step/move-reset and floor kicks from the rotation systems.
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    DIGITAL Unregistered

    So this is ranked by lock delay and then time?
  3. Yeah, good idea.
  4. Spawn Y type, pick one, quickly!
  5. Knew I was forgetting something--the hard one of course.

    Hm, there should be one more stipulation. All the SRS systems, excluding SRS-X, are the same except for how many rotations/movements they allow. The player is required to use the one which allows the least (or can pick non-SRS). Anyone know which one allows the least?

    edit: n/m figured it out (thanks wiki).
  6. 15 :/


    TI-WORLD, or you could just make your own and have everyone use that...

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    Ti-world allows the least (B).
  8. TI-WORLD is the coolest, certainly.

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    Heh, it was supposed to be an eight but I guess that also works.

    By the way, for people that don't know how to make presets, open up heboris.ini and scroll to the bottom. In "FAVORITES," the second to last section, you can either replace the existing presets or add to the list.

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    Shot at 2007-07-15
  11. Now that's impressive.
  12. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    Rotation: SRS-X

    Lock Delay: 13

    Time: 1:16.53

    [​IMG] would have topped out with the final piece placement if it hadn't cleared a line.
  13. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

    In that case, can you make a category for Lockjaw, which does separate these settings? I'd suggest these fixed options:
    • gimmick: 40 lines
    • well width: 10
    • enter above ceiling: off
    • speed curve: death
    • max entry delay: off
    • randomizer: history 6 rolls
    • rotation system: any
    • floor kicks: 1
    • lockdown: step reset
    • lock delay: Make this as low as possible
    • line clear delay: 3 frames
    • clear gravity: naive
    • initial sideways motion: off
    To make an B) without turning it into a smiley, do 8) .
  14. there's a couple problems. the number of lock delay values would decrease, so you'd have more people clumped in the same values. no 20g double rotation. also, lj can't accurately handle instant das in 20g.
  15. jujube

    jujube Unregistered


    SRS-X and Ti-WORLD seem about the same difficulty to me. also i disabled IRS which helped. the image says heboris style IRS, but it definitely wasn't on.

    oh, and i don't think the DAS can be higher than 13 frames with 12 frame lock delay. gave myself as much time to think as possible [​IMG]
  16. yeah, turning off irs helps. remember you have to change it in heboris.ini or it'll keep turning itself back on.

    so i'm confused now, what's your current record?
  17. I just tried this and kinda failed with 30... When I can get 30, I'll post. How do you take a screenshot?
  18. K


    what are the challenge rules witch define the Rotation system choice ?

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