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Thread in 'Competition' started by Amnesia, 1 Mar 2008.

  1. I see Hebo rotation isn't represented...but then again if I wanna play with HRS, I'll just play TAP.
  2. mat


  3. Of course Mat, you realize that by submitting your m8 you made me beat you just so that you could beat me again like I know you can and will!

    I think this quest for improvement is good for both of us...hopefully we can pull Seattle's first M grades at Sakura-Con this year!


    It was a fading roll run with maybe one, two? grades in the roll. Anyway, I'll upload the replay soon with some depressing music or something because that's what I do. I actually saved it this time! Go K!
  4. mat


  5. You guys are crazy with Ti-ARS.
    Either that, or hebo's grading is F'ed up.

    Ti-ARS: m5 green, 999 @ 6:51:93

    And now back to death mode.
  6. Ti-ARS: m6 green @ 6:39:73
    Why oh why is the roll so much faster than >1200 speeds?
  7. What happens when TGM-GS6 learns that he's allowed to use his floor-kicking and ARE-canceling powers on Sundays?
    Hilarity ensues.

  8. [​IMG]
  9. oh hell.

    I just whipped out Ti-WORLD.

  10. m:)

    m:) Unregistered

    i finally got an s1.

  11. This was done on May 1st:

    M (orange), 999 @ 6:31:16
    With 3 missed cools... I really don't get how grading in this mode works. The credit roll must count for a lot.
  12. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Which cool do you think you missed ?

    For what I know about 20G G4 and Master G4, there is 16 cool to get in Heboris, you have 1 cool per section in performing each one under a several time limit, around the same as TGM3, and you have to perform for each section :

    000 - 100 : 3 tetrises
    100 - 200 : 6 tetrises (ounch!)
    200 - 300 : 4 tetrises
    then also 4 for the other sections..

    I have no idea about the m roll's rules...
  13. Replay:
    Section - Cool: Tetris - Time
    0-100      yes   yes
    100-200     yes   yes
    200-300     yes   yes
    300-400     yes   yes
    400-500     yes   yes
    500-600     no   yes
    600-700     no   no
    700-800     no   no
    800-900     no   no
    900-999     yes   N/A     
    There are 19 COOLs you can earn. From my experience, the tetris COOL can be supplemented by large combos and T-spins. As such, it very much helps if you set your Heboris to detect T-spins Ti-style. The section COOL seems to be a fixed time limit per section rather than the sliding scale implemented in Texmaster, with the required time decreasing as the game progresses. There is also an internal grade system like TAP/Ti at work, somehow, and all three of these combine to produce your final grade.

    My guess: Internal grade + Section Cool + Tetris Cool - failed Tetris Cool + 31591385 * Credit Roll Performance. However, I think you are capped at S9 for Internal Grade + Tetris Cool - failed Tetris Cool or something. I really don't know.

    That's because my ACE-ARS2 games can m-roll out with all section cools and lots of tetris cools, and I still earn m7-m9. While this game sucked hard after level ~700 (maybe getting 1-2 tetrises total), survived the fading roll with a below-average performance, and got M.
  14. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    In TI and Tex, you don't have this ofcourse..But the internal grad jauge of TI and Tex is much easier to compensate..For example, a crappy game on G4 with almost no tetrises and section time cool will end around S5-S6 on G4 and S8-S9 on TI or Tex..(based on my experience..)

    The system of G4 is stupid, because if yo do per section : 2-5-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3, with a lot of combo combined with lot of triples, you will finish with a crappy rank..

    For a good player who can stack and lock efficiently until 999, G4 will be easier (M on G4 ~m8 on TI)
    For NoTGhost, I am sure she struggles on her 1-S1 on Master G4 but she would be S3 on TI with the same performance..

    I heard about a story of constant TORIKAN to get the m roll even in missing many cool, you have to clear the game under 6:30, but it is not 100% confirmed.
  15. [​IMG]

    I felt this thing
    I can't replace
    When everyone was working for this goal
    Where all the children left without a trace
    Only to come back as pure as gold
    To recite this all

    Anyway I'll take this over if Digital doesn't come back. DIGITAL!!!!
  16. Amnesia

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    I imagined a "piece of cake" game like the marathon of Tetris DS, but it is still hard..The no ARE style for 20G is really weird..
  17. Amnesia

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    OUFF.. [​IMG]

    To reply to your question c_t, once again, I am wasting my time to extend my abilities..I am too distracted like some people use to say, but I don't care, I take pleasure..
  18. M, 999 @ 6:05:21 (Ti-ARS)
    Green line
    Last edited: 28 Jul 2009
  19. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Amazing to pass from m5 to M in around 4 months..
    For several reasons, mainly failure and frustration, I decided to not post or anounce any more my records on tetrisconcept.

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