Heboris C7-EX, updated for modern systems

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  1. I took a C++ version of Heboris C7-EX, modified/upgraded it, ported it to C, and have gotten it working on the three big desktop platforms, Windows, Mac, and Linux. And the Mac version is Universal Binary for Intel and Apple Silicon. Maybe it's not that exciting for Windows users though, old versions still work fine on Windows. But as far as I can tell, this is the only version native for current Macs and macOS. Though the Windows version is 64-bit, which is kind of neat.

    An interesting side effect of it being so portable is that it works fine unchanged on many odd Linux systems, so long as everything needed is available. I find it to perform very well on my Raspberry Pi 3, running the latest Raspberry Pi OS.

    I've not changed the "content" of the game (modes, gameplay, etc.), and never plan to. The "content" code is really badly designed, and a complete headache to work with. I'm just doing what's necessary to get the old code working on today's systems.

    GitHub page (for the source code)
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