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Thread in 'Competition' started by ei, 31 Dec 2007.

  1. Have a replay, Amnesia?
    For a while, I was stuck at 640-750 depending on credit roll performance, now I can often hit 800.
  2. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    I think you will stay the master here redfened..I am bored..
    FUCK YOU !!!!!!! [​IMG]

    if you want to give me some tips..Here is the replay of my last score..

    (The "upload attachment" option seems to not work it normal ?)
  3. Well, I always try to stack the same way every combo. Try not to get non-combo line clears, since those raise the level counter and aren't worth a whole lot of Tamaya. And if you must, try for a t-spin (may as well get a few extra tamaya, and start back-to-back.) I will often make a single or two after a combo to get the stack stable, but that's it.

    Credit roll: you're a much better 20G player than I am, but unlike master mode it helps to have a flat stack at the top so you can move a variety of tetrominoes into your funnel. I've found that a 1, 2, or 3-high column #9 work fine, with 2 being the best and 3 being the worst for some reason. Maybe because you can score triples with J and L with the 2-high, and those are worth more Tamaya than doubles, and the bonus will offset the loss of Tamaya from setting up the column 9 again with a single. Also, with the 3 high, if you start off with an I triple, you have less of the stack to play with when your combo gets big, which means you lose out on Tamaya. Don't stack up your column 9 (or 10, as it might be in some cases) since comboing becomes harder - that happened a couple times in your replay.

    Oh, and I made a new record:

    Yeah I know, I dilly-dallied on a few pieces and the second combo was cut short due to starting with a tetris, but I broke 1000 again!
    I also made rank 3 with 913. It scares me that this is pretty much the best I can do, and there's an even better way to game the fireworks (MOM's videos, now removed from YouTube) where you can score 1500 or better.
  4. I'm not done yet. [​IMG]

    ACE-ARS2: 952 tamaya, 2:30:11.
  5. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake comment..
    I just don't want to let you alone in ace ars 2, I know how hard it is to don't have any competitor in a domain..
    I am sorry but this try was my 2nd and last for a while.. [​IMG]
  6. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    wait a second, how is there 1 back-to-back heboris, but 0 heboris'? is this some bug in the statkeeping? i downloaded the replay but it doesn't show up in the replay section in hebomini.

    so you had 1 tetris that was not back-to-back?
  7. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

    Apparently, a back-to-back line clear doesn't show up twice. If it's B2B, it shows up only in the B2B count, not the ordinary count.

    As for why you have a back-to-back HEBORIS and no ordinary HEBORIS, that's because of T-spins. If the scorekeeping is anything like Tetris DS, a T-spin line clear sets the B2B flag just like a 4-line clear does. So if you make a TSD then a HEBORIS with no line clears between them, the HEBORIS is counted as back-to-back.
  8. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    which is very strange. Lockjaw, Tetris Zone, and Tetris Friends accurately display your total tetrises during and/or after the game being played, and TFriends shows your B2B tetrises as equal to or less than "tetrises".

    something tells me this difference in Heboris is a bug. why would you want to know your total non-B2B tetrises instead of total tetrises...

    in a situation where the player makes more non-B2B than B2B tetrises, the non-B2B count could easily be confused as the total, and if you're unable to watch the replay you'll have no way of figuring out how the score was reached [​IMG]
  9. Total tetrises = the HEBORIS count + the b2b HEBORIS. I don't see the problem with counting things this way, though it might be unorthodox. Heboris will count T-spin clears the same way.

    In that replay, I T-spin doubled, thus starting b2b, and then got a heboris, which registered as b2b.
  10. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    right, there isn't a problem if you know what you're looking at. i think "total tetrises" is more significant than "non-b2b tetrises" anyway, and should be the one displayed. for some reason this bothers the hell out of me [​IMG]
    never mind my nitpicking.
  11. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

    Should a back-to-back T-spin double be counted both in the "double" and "T-spin double" stats? If not, then why should it be counted in both the "T-spin double" and "back-to-back T-spin double" stats? As far as I can tell, Heboris is just following once and only once.

    It's like the perennial debate about true TPM vs. Quadra-style active TPM that disregards entry and line clear delays. At first, Lockjaw displayed only true TPM until 0.35 when I added active TPM on request from Cubicz. Then a few versions later, caffeine complained that displaying two TPM values confused him.
  12. I am no longer pitiful with SRS. [​IMG]

    546 tamaya @ 3:35:71.
  13. Getting closer to 600 in SRS. This is one leaderboard I can be somewhere near the top of. [​IMG]
  14. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake


    I hate this mode..
    Why am I playing it ??!
    I hate it and it hates me..
  15. 661 tamaya in ARS, 2:58:05.

    EDIT: 610 in World, first try. 2:24:60.
  16. I can take charge of this topic if needed.

    ACE-ARS2: 1104 tamaya.
    200 @ 2:46:70.

  17. ei


    Nah, I still have it under control. =)

    I've just been silently updating behind the scenes, as is my lurker nature. Speaking of, leaderboard should be updated as of this post (only was missing Radish's and rednefed's latest scores anyways, two posts isn't bad!), so keep 'em coming!

    What was the time on that 1104ARS2 by the way? I don't currently have Hebo on my laptop and I'm feeling sufficiently lazy as not to want to drag through Google at 3AM on New Years Day.

    Good to see people playing this at any rate. I might just have to re-get Heboris and join you again.

  18. You can win Ti-World for now... I can't wrap my head around how those S and Z's rotate and get stuck in the 20G credit roll.
    But I'll tenaciously fight for second place.

    623 tamaya
    200 @ 3:50:46

    (The ACE-ARS2 time from above was 2:46:70.)
  19. Ti-World
    200 @ 3:07:08
    702 Tamaya
  20. Ti-World
    1109 tamaya, 200 @ 3:03:45

    1321 tamaya, 200 @ 2:51:20

    1460 tamaya, 200 @ 2:54:10

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