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Thread in 'Competition' started by makalaka, 13 May 2007.


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    Version: C7V2.43

    Mode: DOOM

    Score/Level: 37,217/551

    Grade: S5

    Time: 02:59:46

    Date: 05/19/07

    Rotation: DS World

    # of Previews: 3

    Hold: On

    LVUP bonus: On

    Video's a bit laggy but it'll do.
  2. etherstorm

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  3. C7V2.4EX


    Level 1131



    Three previews

    Hold on

    Level up bonus on

    Init LR move off


    So does it stop at 1300?
  4. jujube

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    caffeine VIDEO PLEASE! i know you're waiting until you reach 1300 but i think i speak for everyone when i say an 1131 video would be a good watch.
  5. To simplify things, instead of posting every single detail, choose from a "preset" rule, and then just post that and your grade/whatever.

    I also forgot about Spawn Y Type, but it seems that everyone's been using the default so far so it doesn't matter. But post if you used "above".

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  7. 6:44:10

    sorry, i really thought i had put the time in the earlier post.
  8. etherstorm

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  9. You're pretty good there etherstorm. How long have you been playing?
  10. etherstorm

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    I've been playing tetris in some way, shape, or form all my life, but as far as TGM goes, I started playing TGM1 July of last year. Achieved Gm rank several months later and moved on to TAP. Stumbled upon back in December, which is how I discovered C7. Until recently, I've been mostly using the ACE-ARS2 rotation w/ major infinite spin abuse [​IMG] With more time on my hands now that classes are over, I've been practicing a lot more with the TGM3 rotation.
  11. etherstorm

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  12. [​IMG]

    I can't think of anything to say about this.

    Oh yeah, all of them (except that last one) stop just before the last piece drops.

    Are you all working on this? Good
  13. mat


    lol, since when are threads here getting themselves artificially bumped? good on you either way for the time!

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  15. Sorry to go off topic, but does anyone know if there is an Intel Mac version of Heboris out there? I remember hearing of a Mac port at some point but cannot find it anywhere.

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    Unfortunately, the Mac version is dead since version who knows what. There may be some who still have the old Mac port, but it's completely outdated compared to the recent Windows versions.
  17. That sucks. At least I can still play it via bootcamp though. Thanks for the info.

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