Records: [Heboris] 20G-#G4 / Hebo Mini Master-Hard 20G

Thread in 'Competition' started by jujube, 13 Nov 2007.


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    That signifies that you skipped a section of the speedcurve. If you play really well, the music switches take place at 300, 400, 700, and 900.
  2. ei


    Good day today.

    Don't know when/if I switched music, I had to play muted (was playing in class--shhhh... It was after a quiz, besides and everyone else was still working). Either way, it's a big improvement both in grading and time.


    EIHoppe -----------M9   999 06:34:61 10/01/08
    Watch out, Digital, I'm catching up to you......

  3. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    whoooooaaaaa...m6 -> m9
  4. ei


    It's been really quiet on this front. Where are all the 20G-G4 players!?

    I've gotten a few more M8s and M7s, but I haven't managed to break into Master territory yet.

    Question for anyone with a working screen capture program: would you be willing to take a capture of my M9 replay and put it on Youtube? I'd do it myself except Camtasia took a dump on me and I can't seem to get Fraps to work on my craptop.

    Alternately, does anyone know of any good (preferably open source i.e. free) Linux capture software? I'd be more than willing to capture my own replay if anyone had a good program that they know works well.

    Anyway, c'mon people! We need more action around here!!


  5. Nobody plays World rotation due to evil SRS, most people who play ARS stick to TAP. Pretty much accounts for it.
  6. ei


    Pah! Don't know what you're missing, everyone else! =P

  7. lol, so then where's all the 20G-G4 ARS players?

  8. Playing TA Death or TAP Master mode instead. My score is only really a provisional. I think I could improve it a lot more if I actually played more than a few games.
  9. doesn't help the logic. srs players may be playing other games as well.
  10. Jago: in Japan surrounded by arcades.

    colour_thief: has an awesome arcade at home.

    matt_hatter: witholding records while he trains in the ways of the stick.

    Amnesia: highly motivated to pass people in Death and defend his postion in Master.

    kotetsu: largely distracted by untetrisly things.

    DIGITAL: is participating.

    Report: coding texmaster.

    etherstorm: exists only in legend.

    Rosti: is participating.

    etc etc etc

    Happy now?
  11. i'm confused now.
  12. Weren't you complaining that nobody was participating, despite not participating yourself?

    Now I'm confused.
  13. jujube

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  14. i dunno. i didn't think i was complaining. eihoppe was asking where the 20g g4 players were, and rosti said nobody plays srs because ars guys play tap, but that doesn't make sense because 20g g4 includes srs and ars, and for other reasons.

    anyway, whatever you do, do not google image search "srs" without the content filter on! yikes.
  15. jujube

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  16. The majority of the players here are ARS only, and won't go play SRS unless they're forced to. Digital is one of the few exceptions.

    Most of those ARS players aren't going to play 20G-#G4 Heboris, because they're usually playing TAP.

    Even when I break out Heboris, I usually play #G4 standard or I play Doom.
  17. where's here? TC? you're saying the majority of players on at TC are ARS players?
  18. I'm not sure I agree with that statement either. Though I do think we generally have more to talk about/compete in, for whatever reason.

  19. For the people who post records on this place, yes.

    There are 21 people on the Lockjaw 40 lines leaderboard that use SRS. Some of those are players who primarily would play ARS, but have swapped to SRS for speed reasons.

    Compare that to the 42 people who are on the TGM leaderboard. Twice as many.

    Also, searching "arika" without a filter on Google images will bring up plenty of nudity as well.
  20. cdsboy

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    i just use ARS because those are the piece possitions i am used to

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