Hebo video removed for copyright infringements?

Thread in 'Discussion' started by cdsboy, 23 Apr 2008.

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    To the trial lawyers' union. If legal representation weren't so expensive, there wouldn't be as much imbalance in the legal system. That's why legal self-help firms such as Nolo and We The People try to let you do as much as possible without a lawyer.
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    That's nothing to do with the lawyers, simply the DMCA and/or the WIPO treaty in action. Copyright holders can be penalized for spurious takedown notices, but the burden is on you to prove you are innocent.
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  5. great work!
  6. Muf


    It's the attack of the legless people!

    Also, that pic at 00:15 needs more fgsfds.
  7. to show the broad variety of tetris incarnations, it might be not too bad to show a short video of BlockoutII :


    this mode uses only tetrominoes and below (FLAT block set) and is a replay from one of the fastest blockout players.

    i will make a quadra video soon.
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    Thanks herc. There are still five slots left for videos.

  9. awesome! can't wait until its ready for posting/spamming.
  10. I don't know how o record video, but there are some Quadra replays tht can be downloaded in-game of the 5 highest scores. Perhaps you could pick one and grab the first minute or so from it?

  11. you should try http://www.fraps.com and hope that your PC is fast enough. the trial version will do fine.

    fraps is totally easy to use. i am not at home currently, so the quadra video will take some time - so if you manage to get fraps to run, it would be great if you could make the video for quadra (and some other games)
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    Screen recorders for Windows that are free and Free include CamStudio and VirtualDub.

    That's the killer.
  13. I doubt you'll get one of Quadra. I haven't found compatible software for recording it cleanly. Trying results in color inversion.
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    The software that I'm using to put the video together (VirtualDub and AviSynth) can probably reinvert the colors, using Levels with MergeRGB.
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    Would you liek some Mudkipz on your protest video?
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    What the hell?

  17. That is quite possibly your most intelligent post ever.
  18. ahahaha
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    ++ [​IMG]

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