Hebo video removed for copyright infringements?

Thread in 'Discussion' started by cdsboy, 23 Apr 2008.

  1. cdsboy

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    Apparently a person going by the name of ??????? decided that my hebo video infringed on his copyright... It used muf's image pack i believe but idk if thats part of it. Is anyone else getting their videos taken down by this guy?
  2. Muf


    ????????? means "Arika, inc.", and yes, I got my vid removed as well. This might be the start of something bigger, like they've done on nicovideo. It might be an idea to start hamstering Ti videos and other superplays off YouTube, because it might not end here.

    EDIT: I've gotten confirmed that not just videos using copyrighted sounds/music have been taken down, but anything that has "Heboris" in the title. Something which is quite interesting, as Arika doesn't own any copyright to any part of Heboris. [​IMG]

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    I'm seriously pissed off. All of my public Heboris videos were taken down...
  4. Can they own copyright on how TGM is put together to form the unique TGM feeling/experience? I mean the combination of colors, rotation system, level system etc. Clones of TGM are copies of the TGM concept.
  5. Zaphod77

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    It's VERY possible.

    And honestly, can we really say it's not within the spirit of copyright for them to act? Since the cloneing is so blatant. It's not just copying tetris, it's copying THEIR tetris.

    On the other hand, the only reason we need to play unofficial clones is that they can't sell us the official product, due to TTC.

    So I can't really get too mad at Arika here.

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    Act or not, this will be a futile attempt that will only agitate the fanbase, which will make a rebound in some other way. I'm making ALL my videos private from this point onwards.
  7. Deniax

    Deniax Blockbox developer

    In what does cloning TGM differ from what people have done for years, cloning Tetris?

    I don't see specific issues that TGM can have copyright at what TTC already has covered
  8. Muf


    I recall Alexey having problems in particular with Games that had "ris" at the end of their name. It might be that along that vein, Heboris is the only one they can really go after, because it's such a blatant clone.
  9. The Heboris netplay news must have scared Arika or something.
  10. Slow it down a notch--took down videos from where?

    DIGITAL Unregistered

  12. kiwibonga

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    From the top shelf of my VHS rack! :oOOO

    Yeah, that's very odd... How does Japanese copyright/patent law work?

  13. In the past, these disputes have always been about the trademark. Games ending in "tris" and i guess "ris" are a no-no. Seeing how they threatened tetrinet2 as well, "tetri" is likely a no-no as well.

    But I can definitely see why they would take down videos with copyrighted images and sounds (see stickied thread: No rom or copyrighted media distribution). That brings me to my next thought. Are gameplay videos okay for people to upload without permission in the first place? I've never heard of a company taking down gameplay videos just because it's their game, but I think they could if they wanted to. It would be similar to Metallica VS. Napster in that it would just piss everyone off and make them hate the company, though.

    Yall should've known better since this has happened before. Just make an alternate graphics and sound pack, and slip the replay into that folder whenever you want to make a video. Easy.

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    They're taking down all Heboris videos it seems, regardless of whether the videos contain copyrighted material or not.
  15. This sucks. [​IMG]

    Reread the thread, _all_ heboris videos are gone, original sound/art or otherwise. Have Texmaster videos been hit yet? Something tells me they'll let non-clone videos stay... Otherwise surely they would have removed the first Ti GM video from youtube ages ago.
  16. ei


    Yeah, even my DOOM 799 video using all of my homemade sounds/music and the default Hebo graphics was removed, so clearly they've targeted all Heboris videos.

    I agree with colour_thief though: it looks like they're letting videos of the official games stay--the I Suck at Death Show still remains on Youtube. =P

  17. yes, i see that they've taken down all videos with the tag "heboris". i'm still saying you guys should've known better than to put heboris vids with copyrighted stuff up after the nicovideo fiasco. remember? they removed all heboris videos from nicovideo, too (copyright or no copyright).
  18. Muf


    Well, so far they've also left UGM videos and Texmaster videos alone. I think this was just a strike on anything that had "Heboris" in the title.

    They also took down all TGM/TAP/Ti videos off nicovideo.


    The year is 2008 A.D. YouTube is entirely cleaned of Heboris videos. Well, not entirely... One small video of indomitable gameplay still holds out against the invadors. And life is not easy for Arika who garrison the fortified camps of Tetris The Grand Master, The Absolute Plus, and Terror-Instinct...
  19. Okay, so let's begin posting completely unrelated copyright-clean videos with the Heboris tag and see what happens then [​IMG]
  20. Zeta

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    BEMANI attempted the VERY same stunt ages ago by having YouTube pull numerous BeatMania IIDX Tatsujin videos from their site, including those with simulators that were not using BEMANI songs. this is also, more or less, the same company that went out of their way to sue Roxor just so they didn't have to improve their DDR series AND sent a "cease and desist" order to a Japanese BeatMania Simulator developer when they started selling their BM simulator commercially. oddly enough, one OFFICIAL "DDR" exists that uses the same (more or less) engine as Roxor's "In the groove" that was NOT created by the same people that made the other DDR games (google "DDR Forever")

    I say ignore it until we have solid evidence that Arika explicitly wants specific kinds of videos taken down, and then avoid submitting those kinds of videos. If Arika is serious about keeping their fanbase, they'll figure out we like being able to see these kinds of performances as it shows us what is POSSIBLE (key word there) on Tetris games.

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