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  1. my question being: what the hell with this topic ?
    who gives a shit anyway ?
    talk less, play more.
    and all this sort of thing ;)
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    Amnesia, apparently :D
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    I just wanted some fun sorry...:oops:
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    I understand. But are the TGM-style modes in games like Nullpomino and LJ65 and Blockbox close enough to TGM for the masses?

    And I assume Atetris doesn't count.

    Also why were other falling block games like Puyo Puyo series and Puzzle Fighter II designed for 1P vs. CPU and 1P vs. 2P?

    As Rosti pointed out, 0G in practice means <1G: the piece moves down by less than one cell per frame.

    Every multiplayer TetrisĀ® game published outside Japan since 2001 uses SRS.
  5. most of us for a long time wanted to post a thread like this and everyone knows it. time to bring it up on HD :).

    sorry im a srs noob that u guys like to trash on :(
  6. slowmos a noob dont listen to her :p
  7. Hrm, I clicked on this thread because I thought someone would define the difference between this community and the other, but so far, it seems the only difference is the game being played (I've read all the posts up to page 3 before stopping because I was starting to get lost).

    Why do some players favor one game over the other?

    Also, I support a general tavern or whatever! I think it will help with garnering new members and give us a place to post random topics. I know Discussion is supposed to be that but I fear posting threads on other topics there, lest it mars the endless threads on Tetris.
  8. Multiplayer vs. singleplayer, although TGM has an awesome Vs. mode.

    Also the main difference between HD and TC is that the majority of TC's users can write English above the level expected of a 5th grader. Can't really say the same about HD.
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  9. This has been brought up before, but I think the general consensus has been that IRC tends to act as our general tavern. Perhaps it is a topic worth discussing again, though?

    Until then, Discussion is a fine place to make general threads. Sure, a lot of them are about Tetris or Tetris-related events/meet-ups, what have you, but feel free to add threads about anythings else you'd like to discuss.
  10. Yeah, there's even an "off-topic" tag if you feel your thread merits it. :p
  11. I have a new question!

    Can someone explain to me the difference between ARS and SRS (every time I see this, I think "serious" and not game mechanic) and also provide an example of a game that uses that mechanic, preferably one of the games HD favors.

    Kitaru's having trouble explaining this to me, and but we've established TGM is an ARS game and TDS is an SRS game but HD doesn't consider it competitive material.

    Thanks in advance.
  12. I don't have IRC and is not interested in installing it, kthxbai. :V
  13. There's always the webchat client on the site!
  14. ARS: Tetris the Grand Master 1, 2, 2+ and 3. (2 and 2+ are nearly the same game.
    SRS: Tetris DS, Tetris Friends, Tetris Online Japan, Tetris Party (Deluxe)



    Notice the 4 state of the I piece in SRS versus the 2 state of ARS. Notice also how ARS sticks its pieces to the bottom of the bounding box, whereas SRS let the piece "float".
    Also, the piece colors are different (but that's not important ^^).

    Lock delay
    Both rotation system have lock delay, but they implement their reset behavior differently.

    ARS has step reset, meaning that lock delay will reset if and only if the piece go down one case in the playfield.

    SRS has move reset, meaning that lock delay will reset everytime the player moves the piece (that is, rotation or translation)
    Move reset combined with a "floating" rotation system permit a piece to "climb" a stack if you mash the buttons correctly.
    If there is not limit in the amount of move reset you make (for instance in Tetris DS), an "infinity" behavior appears, i.e. as long as you mash the button, you can stay with the active piece as long as you want.


    Generally, instant drop is bound to up and fast drop is bound to down.

    SRS has a locking instant drop and a non-locking fast drop.
    ARS has a non-locking locking instant drop and a locking fast drop.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Gameplay consequences: sub-20g is way faster in SRS than ARS. Most multiplayer game are sub-20g.
    Possible workaround for ARS (implemented in BlockBox if I remember correctly): make up a locking instant drop and down a non-locking instant drop.

    ARS use a simple wallkick system: if the rotated piece collide with a wall or another piece, try to move the piece one case right or left (in this order), and carry out the movement if it is a valid one.
    SRS use a complex wallkick system, seemingly arbitrary but that is actually based on mathematical rotation. See wiki.

    Some sort of Conclusion
    ARS is more focused on single player and forced speed. The speed come from the game itself.
    SRS is more focused on multiplayer and induced speed. The speed comes from the other players.
  15. Almost. Up was firm drop, and Down was hard drop. This matches the locking behaviors of TGM -- Up is a non-locking drop, while Down is a locking drop. BlockBox just made both of them fast drops to facilitate speedy play.
  16. Aaah I knew it was something like that !
  17. This has been enlightening and I don't know if it's because I am tired, but I still don't understand how SRS is more focused on multiplayer. Is it because of the floating rotation system?
  18. It's because it's faster in 0G due to the extra rotation states. It's got a higher level of finesse than ARS does. It just sucks for single player modes because the floorkicks and rotation states make things really awkward in 20G.
  19. tc seems like a close knit community.. but you guys have a lot of threads for single player games >_<
    hd has a lot of variety in their threads.. i suppose... more multiplayer games and other dooby doo
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  20. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Why did I start this topic..:rolleyes:
    Bah ! I don't remember..

    In reading you stephanie you make me feel that in your opinion, hd has more variety than us here ?
    I would not say that. We have a ton of single player variety leaderboard, there is everything, TGM whole serie + the whole list of existing clones + a lot of other less known tetris games.

    I have not observed that hd really deeply but it seems to me that it is limitated to vs games, 40 lines game and survival games. But I am sure you will reply that there is more.

    When I come on BB i a bored to see only people doing 40L , 40L 40L and 40L again. It is so annoying I don't understand why people just do that continualy.

    I wish that every players try both side and choose the one they feel best for them. I am happy to see that you, awake and some other player decided to come here to visit the solo-tgm area. I am sad that kotetsu abandoned us to embrace the dark side (SRS 0G). I hope you will enjoy your trip here and please, try TGM's serie and you will understand why we are so passioned by solo graded games !

    EDIT : I abandonned versus communities after a few months spent because I was bored to lose against girls..:D

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