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Thread in 'Discussion' started by Amnesia, 10 Mar 2010.

  1. what arcades have Tetris in them? not here in America. You guys meet up at each others house and play with the joysticks and stuff.

    tgm is still cool tho I've seen the videos
  2. m:)


    there are a few, however they are few and far between.

    I think TTC thinks TGM is too difficult and would scare users away. they want noobs to succeed at marathon mode.. :rolleyes: so they keep the gimped tetris worldwide and TGM exclusive to Japan.

    multiplayer avoids people realizing how gimped TTC tetris is because you can play better opponents to increase the difficulty.
  3. Zaphod77

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    TO put it bluntly, Henk Rogers sold out.

    The Guideline is geared towards the casual player because there are many more casual players, and thus making it easier for them gets them more money.

    Now i agree that srs is a fairly solid system for multiplayer tetris, as well as for time and score attack.

    But it completely breaks down when used for classic tetris, where the goal is survival. This is the reason people complained about Broken Tetris. But Henk says there are many players of "broken tetris" and he has a point.

    TGM still is around in Japan because of the significant playerbase that cut their teeth on Sega Tetris. It is the natural evolution of that game. Had it gotten worldwide distribution things would be a lot different today. We'd all probably be playing with 1G autoshift and ARS.
  4. I play TGM too, once in every while anyway. >:( You aren't convincing me that you've had a lot of experience in multiplayer by listing Corrosive. :sneaky:

    The good players (Blink, Trance) are able to adjust easily to combos and Tspins. I recommend TOJ since it suits all styles of play, and it's in English now. B)
  5. Amnesia

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    It is not because we can see your photos on facebook, half naked, drunken with some girls that we can conclude that you are a funky boy and all of us are nerdz. I probably lived and experienced more things than you in my life my friend, in according a several number of hours on TGM..:twisted:

    Damn, I just wanted to wake up a little bit the community, it is a success..:D
    There is still some hot topic which can be updated at any time.

    Your post was really fine, I was surprised, except this other mistake from you,
    you are wrong actually and everybody know this, let me fix your sentence :

    "It's a different kind of skill that you and I have, us SRS players damn suck and ignore everything at TGM and you guys are quite limited at multiplayer."
  6. Please don't classify multiplayer players as SRS players or 0g. There are so many things wrong with that. Only Blockbox has 0g, and not every multiplayer game uses SRS. So unless there's some specific reason as to why SRS players suck at TGM while non-SRS players don't, it's a very inaccurate generalisation.

    Just call them vs/multiplayer players...
  7. Zaphod77

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    Generally speaking, someone who has learned SRS first will struggle very hard when robbed of their wallkicks, and wonder why they can't get their pieces where they want them once the speed goes up. They have to learn how to stop trying to do the stuff that works only in SRS.

    On the other hand the skills needed to do well in TGM (clean upstacking for tetrises and pyramiding) don't exactly help you all that much in Guideline multiplayer, where you need to t-spin and combo too, and need to downstack a lot better as well. Oh, and pyramiding will get you killed fast. WIth TGM, the focus is more on not needing to downstack in the first place. You only need to be able to deal with your own misdrops, which will rarely produce the garbage patterns or volume you see in multiplayer.
  8. Not all SRS players are multiplayer ones and vice-versa, but the vast majority are. It's not that inaccurate a generalisation.

    Also, when people say 0G they don't necessarily mean 0G, they're just generalising for any gravity setting where it's fairly negligible, which is the case in most multiplayer games. The pieces do fall, but it's so slowly they might as well not be.
  9. Muf


    People seem to forget here that TGM, TAP, Ti and ACE all include multiplayer modes. Hebo Mini and Blockbox allow you to play online in this style. Blockbox also allows you to play ARS in regular 0G versus. Multiplayer TGM is actually quite hectic. Its items are deadlier than anything Tetrinet ever dished out. Death versus or even Shirase versus, with or without items is even harder. Don't compare apples and oranges. Just go play some of these online, or even at home or in an arcade, against real people. ARS doesn't take too long to get used to- put your balls where your mouth is and kick some ass.

  10. I still think it's quite inaccurate, especially in the original context of the post that compared SRS players to TGM players. The majority of multiplayer players do use SRS or 0g. However, the ones that actually use the rotation system to their advantage with twists, are actually good and I think they could play TGM games decently. Most of these players don't put in enough effort to overcome the initial difficulties of adjusting to TGM gameplay IF they somehow come across the games and manage to try them out. The ones who don't use spins would perform the same with any other rotation system (ARS/BRS/Tetrinet etc) so why label them as SRS players when the rotation system isn't even a factor?
  11. Zaphod77

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    For those who played any version of tetris without SRS before competently, ARS is not that hard to learn to use competently.

    But for those who've never played without SRS, it does take a good deal of getting used to.
  12. I don't think the rotation system you've used before determines how hard it is to get used to ARS. The main factor is your skill level in general.

    Exclusive SRS players are generally newer to Tetris and thus their skill level is lower so that is why TGM games may be hard for them. Players who have previously played without SRS may take just as long to grow accustomed to ARS.

    What matters is how fast they learn and how much effort they put in. Perhaps SRS players don't put in as much effort because they are occupied with their multiplayer games, whereas non SRS players find TGM to be much more fun than whatever version of Tetris they were playing.

    The only SRS players that might have a problem with ARS are those who are used to playing under high gravity in SRS abusing lock delay reset or jumping over pieces. For '0g' SRS players and non-SRS players, the difficulty is stacking in high gravity.
  13. should be mad at the people that are content to keep TC where it is and not at HD. people at TC have made it quite clear they like to keep things small and cliquey and that's exactly what TC is. SRS players don't owe anybody anything. if people don't want to play TGM games and just want to stick with guideline games then that should be fine and dandy. if you want your games to be known and tc to grow then people here have to put the effort into growing it which i don't really see. can't have it both ways.

    also who cares which is better or more skillful. if there's one thing i've learned from gaming communities is that stuff like this is a waste of time and the real players don't concern themselves with it and play what they like and improve themselves. they leave it to the fanboys to squabble about which game is better or who is best.
  14. Muf


    And admins at HD have made it quite clear that they didn't want to make any specific room for TC content or change any part of HD to accommodate us (and that's not even considering the fact Blink didn't want to stop kissing caffeine's arse-- which meant no importing of our old posts). Let's just say neither side wanted to budge in any direction, which is probably for the best. Yes, there is a rift between the two communities, but it's there for a reason. Pretty much all of the friction that existed within TC.com itself originally is now gone, because the different communities are there to provide for different types of people.
  15. Zaphod77

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    Anyone takes some time to learn the subtleties of the rotation system. People who played Sega Tetris are naturally right at home here. People who played other games before the guideline are happy to have wallkick and step reset. TGM is a huge improvement in capability from what they are used to. I played TGM1 for the first time, watched the demo, and thought "Best. Tetris. Game. Ever." It removed all the flaws from older games.

    But those who go from SRS to ARS, especially if they started find themselves limited. They can't do what they are used to doing anymore. And they go "OMG! this is so HARD!" Playing SRS simply does not develop some of the skills needed to do well in ARS that the older games do.
    Which is most people who started with SRS and haven't realised how abusive it is, IMHO.
  16. Is it me or is TC kinda stuck in the past right now? Still talking about all of those "SRS noobs", still talking about caffeine the "puppet master", still talking about Corrosive's high quality insights on HD (even though he gets put in his place every other day it seems), and now I can get the latest updates on how Blink lost in ARS 0G...

    Meanwhile, to make matters worse, we have swooping generalizations from BOTH sides:

    1500? That's not the number of players, Amnesia. It's the number of people posting in the "What are you listening to" thread.

    As if TC never had a large amount of people who rarely/never contributed...

    us SRS players suck at TGM and you guys really suck at multiplayer.

    Yeah well except for me who took out many of the favorites in HDO1, and has been beating Corrosive ever since then (whether he wants to admit it or not) and DIGITAL who was always good at both in the first place... but hey, I guess we're just that special, not like our Tetris interests are wide or anything.

    Unfortunately, on HD the debate isn't about how good TGM players are at multiplayer or vice versa, but rather if the same people are winning on TOJ and TF, whether or not playing Tnet2 helps you more at BB or if it's the other way around, or better yet, how much Arena just flat-out sucks and everyone who plays it should just move to TOJ or Blockbox period.

    But let's pretend for a moment that TGM was more than just another game. Who on this planet is going to play ARS 20G versus when the 20G room in TOJ is deserted to the point where if you removed it, the majority of reactions would be "Huh, you mean something changed?" Nah, I'll at least give TGM a shot, by playing on BB using SRS because ARS sucks and is hard to use.

    And since you haven't convinced me yet why I should be using ARS in the first place, I'll go right back to multiplayer because that's where everyone else is... but not that 20G room, no!

    I will now end my aimless ranting with this announcement:

    Get ready for the first ever BB 20G ARS tournament, coming soon to TC and HD! I...just need to decide what rules I'm gonna use... I don't think BB has items... should I use Death 0 speed? Death 300 speed? Shirase 0 speed? TGM Garbage? Nah... 30% garbage? 100% garbage? It's hard to decide when you don't have something close enough to use as a reference point... I know, I'll just ask the TGM VS pros what I should do.

    So what do you say?


  17. A TGM 20G VS tournament properly done would need items and ARS garbage. And we have had these before, in real life, at arcades. Good times.

    Anyways, I agree with a lot of what kotetsu is saying, especially the SRS/ARS stereotyping going on. That's all pretty dumb. But there is truth to the signal:noise comparisons of the 2 communities, as well as the behaviour of the average member. In general I'd say we're not stuck in the past, but perhaps Amnesia is... He's barely played in 2 years, after all.
  18. I'd LOVE a 20G versus tournament. I pretty much only play 20G, and when I was active on blockbox it was mostly for 20G multiplayer. I'd get active again if there was more interest in 20G there.

    My vote goes to Shirase 0 speed. I really wouldn't know what garbage type to use or anything, but I am interested in the tourney.
  19. Amnesia

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    Ha ha ha, your father is never so far when you play tetris..
    Tell him hello from me Kevin.

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