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What is your setting ?

  1. I'm playing TGM on PCB

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  2. I'm playing TGM on mame

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  3. I'm willing to buy a raspberry Pi ifor this

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  4. Not interested.

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  1. K


    Happy new year folks.:V
    I mostly come time to time on the forum, but clearly it's dying. Probably most people use discord nowadays. I don't have much time now to to keep track of this huge constant flow of overwhelming information. I miss the forum way where interesting conversation weren't flooded into oblivion inside whatever channel.

    Anyway, I saw latest KOO video, and I thought it was a master tournament at first.
    I worked for 2019 CTEC in a capture solution for NES tetris.. I worked a bit on it to make it capture TGM1. With some works I could make something usable so we can make online Masters with original JAMMA game (mame would be easily supported obviously)

    So I just wanted to know how many people have TGM1 running and willing to invest into a raspberry Pi4+capture card to make it possible ? (<50€)
    So far nobody need to buy anything. I just wanted to know if this project worth something.

    Just to explain the basic :
    The program capture at 30fps your Jamma board screen (if you play mame there is no need of a raspberry pi), each image is analysed, game information extracted and converted into a small message sent over network. Then the server keep track of players and redraw all the "stuff" the whole stuff is sent back to each player that can monitor what's going on. There can be viewer or be streamed somehow.
    All the functionality aren't clearly defined so far..

    As usual sorry for my engrish
  2. Muf


    This sounds like it could be great fun. I should also have my cab monitor repaired soon so I'll be able to play again.

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