Guiness World Record Tournament (Now with movies!)

Thread in 'Locations & Events' started by Rosti LFC, 31 Aug 2008.

  1. tepples

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    I guess that's why Nintendo On, the rumored wireless stereo display for Wii, includes a motion sensor.

    So you played the Japanese Tetris, not the North American Blockout clone "3D Tetris".
  2. At first I thought it was just people playing games on a high end PC, so I didn't pay much attention to it. Towards the end I realised it was actually some cool prototype tech, and I gave it a try. I think the site you linked mentions 2 setups, but I was so late I only experienced the last one they took down. It was the fancy LCD screen requiring polarized glasses. It was really cool and, after I positioned myself properly, there was definitely a strong sense of depth. However, it wasn't perfect and some parts of the image appeared fuzzier because of the overlapping images. So it seemed like a tradeoff where you gain depth at the cost of clarity of form and colour.

    I'm more excited about the development of OLED screens. I saw Sony's 1080p OLED screen a few weeks back, and it was amazing. All of their other TVs were crap, to be quite honest. Obcenely large LCD HDTVs which look stunning displaying still pictures, but then the slightest movement and then all the fine detail is lost. Not to mention decent but unsatisfying contrast. The OLED however was amazing, without any after image , and therefore retaining full image quality during motion. I swear these things have clearer motion than CRTs! These will be the gaming screens of the future, mark my words. Aside from having a fixed resolution, they are better in every way to CRTs and everything else out there. Except apparently they don't last long yet..... But they look fantastic while they do!
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    I got eighth, which I was pretty happy with. I might have done better in the playoff things if I could have gotten a handle on the controller, but I doubt I would have made it to the finals or anything.
  4. I'd assume you're the Keatsta that myself and Phydeaux know?
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    Yeah, I wasn't sure if this was the site Fido's always shilling. I should have joined awhile ago. You guys need more Tetris Attack stuff though.
  6. Oh hey, you joined. [​IMG]
    Yeah Tetris Attack is awesome... Here's something I did in it recently:
    We should totally hang out sometime, I'd love to play with someone who can chain beyond x2 and x3. And if we got bored, we could play this:
  7. In usual TC style, I'll detract from the OMG TGM3 ARCADE MACHINE!!!1! to say that I have that Sony HDD/DVD recorder in my house as well. Nice piece of kit [​IMG]
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    Oh man, that's a pretty sweet Tetris Attack combo. I need to at least try to get that set up once.

    Even though Rosti resisted, I have to say: that is a pretty awesome machine. I've never played Tetris on an arcade machine, though, and hadn't played it using a joystick-type thing before the tournament. I wouldn't have all too much confidence =\
  9. it's really hard. More importantly it's quite ingenious, but it's also really hard.
  10. It's a bit tricky to start with, but you can get the hand of a joystick quite quickly. Especially when the controls to rotate are separate buttons and not part of the joystick controls like they were in that tournament.
    And TGM3 is probably the greatest version of Tetris ever made, for single-player modes at least.
  11. Agreed, need moar easy mode (and versus) videos.
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    And this is going to sound really, really pathetic, but I'm going to say it anyway.

    Expect your arm to get tired if you're used to playing Tetris with the d-pad or a keyboard and move to an arcade stick.

    Fatigue sets in on me when playing Splash to where I'll lose because I missed drop one piece over because my wrist didn't feel like going the distance.
  13. Muf


    Can't say I've felt tired the first days of having my stick, and I pulled an all-nighter the first day and played all day the next day as well.
  14. I'd agree with Phydeaux. If I'd been playing Sudden Ti or something reasonably fast for an hour or so I'd start getting cramp in my wrist or in my forearm.
  15. For me it was the exact opposite, I frequently had my hands get tired from prolonged sessions back when I was playing on my keyboard, but now when I play with my arcade stick I seem to be able to play hours on end without tiring.
  16. Phydeaux

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    Could we not post tetripornography in threads not labeled as such? Thanks. [​IMG]

  17. Muf


    This thread is now a "flash your Ti" thread. My setup isn't as good looking as colour_thief's, but here goes:

  18. It's a lot messier and not a proper cab, but the screen itself looks a lot better IMO [​IMG]
  19. CRTs frequently look crappy in photos... I assure you mine looks fine in person.
  20. And I guess it's one of those nice higher quality arcade cabinet CRTs too? :> I prefer CRT over TFT. Display lag and sucky colours (especially "black") on TFT is annoying. [​IMG] But it will be awesome when TFT is replaced by SED (that new technology with the good things from CRT stuffed into a flat screen TV) or something similar. ^^

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