Guiness World Record Tournament (Now with movies!)

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  1. Phydeaux

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    There's no way I can drive 12 hours and have a few to rest before it's time to compete. And then drive back. At the tune of $200 for gas. Especially since I was supposed to build some things for the home this weekend that have been plopped on me.

    Ugh, I wish I knew about this sooner.
  2. Not that it'll change much (12 hours is rough...), but you can crash on my futon couch if your friend can't host you. That is, you can if you can actually fall asleep with a TGM3 machine 3 feet from your head. [​IMG]

    Also technically you can fly into Canada and drive/bus back to the US, all without a passport.
  3. Muf


    I could, although that was 8am in the morning, after playing all night [​IMG]
  4. Ok, I googled this expecting to find nothing, but it was actually really easy to narrow this down.

    There is a Denver Tetris League that has monthly tournaments.

    Probably this guy named Vinnie is flying down.

    There's a news story about the league here:

    And videos of some matches on Youtube:
    (more in this user's profile too)

    Definitely a solid player. Could be faster, but he's got an edge when it come to classic Nintendo rules Tetris.
  5. jujube

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    what, no grand prize trip to Hawaii?
  6. So I'm practicing Tetris Classic by Spectrum Holobyte, which picked up for $10 as part of the Tetris Gold collection but never really played. I'm falling in love with this game! It's missing all the modern refinements that we've come to know and love, but for 1992 this game was as good as Tetris got.

    The main single player game has the player clearing 10 lines to level up, like the Nintendo Tetris games. By the time you clear 90 lines, the game is playing at 1G... And this is without lock delay of any kind. Ordinarily that would be instant death, but fortunately this game has fast DAS (the DAS actually gets faster as the level increases, like TAP & Ti). Even with this fast DAS it is damn hard to survive, but I managed to do it anyways. What comes next?


    The game changes to the next background... which is... the co-op mode background! [​IMG] So the screen appears to get extra fat, however the actual playing area remain 10 units wide. The gravity also slows to almost 0G, and further line clears do not appear to change the background.

    If this game comes up in the tournament, I think I'll have an advantage because of my well practiced DAS finesse.
  7. Phydeaux

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    Yeah, I'll just eagerly anticipate the next time they do it and have my passport and some cheaper airline tickets (maybe? hopefully?) at the ready. Thanks for the futon offer just the same, though.
  8. CT: Haha, wat? XD So did the developers think "hmm... no one will ever beat level 10, so let's not bother fixing it"? ;D
  9. Pretty much. I expect the developers never thought it was possible... Certainly none of the testers were capable of it.
  10. Here's another Tetris I broke while playing through old PC versions. It's the Microsoft version from the Microsoft Entertainment Pack. This games oozes the Windows 3.1 look and feel. Basic gameplay is to get 10 lines to increase the level. After level 10 the game stops getting faster. If you're good enough to survive that speed indefinitely, you'll get this after a couple minutes:


    Negative scores! It seems the score is a 16 bit signed integer, so after around 32k it jumps down to -32k and starts counting up from there. I didn't play long enough to find out what happens when it reaches 0 again, but it probably isn't that interesting. Maybe jujube knows? I seem to recall he grew up with this version.

    It's a strange game overall. There's a slight lock delay. Rotating will drop your DAS charge to 0 and prevent further charging until you press a direction key once again. There is a really long obnoxious ARE during which the next piece is blank, and the active piece is not yet rendered. So you better be aware of the next piece before the active piece locks or you essentially get no previews! And maybe I'm imagining things, but I think the line clear ARE is directly proportional to the number of lines cleared.
  11. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    i've actually never played that version. about 20 years ago i had a pirated version simply called "tetris", and played it for a few years.

    someone here mentioned the existence of the negative score bug, although i'm not sure who it was or whether he or she witnessed it.

    *passes the ball to...Rich Nagel?*
  12. Weird. Ages ago, someone talked about playing 2 games of tetris at once with this version. I assumed since you were playing Doubles solo that it was you but I must be mistaken.

    Found it! The 14th thread here.
  13. jujube

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    the first time i played doubles solo was with T****s Unlimited about 2 years ago, and not long before i joined here. i imagine it's very similar to Microsoft Tetris, with both games having little lock delay.

    "I can play Doubles all alone in TGM2+ up to lvl 200 (both players)." [​IMG]
  14. Any moment now DeHackEd and I will be off to the tourney... Wish us luck!

    For posterity, I had one day for preparation and I gambled on the secret games being:

    First round:
    Score attack on a PC version. I practiced Spectrum Holobyte Tetrises and Microsoft Tetris, breaking both as noted above. [​IMG]

    Second/Third rounds:
    VS in some sort of classic Nintendo Tetris, and some sort of modern Guideline Tetris. I got 200+ lines a few time in GB Tetris and also played against the CPU in Tetris & Dr. Mario. And I played a lot of TDS and am probably as good as I ever have been at that once again.

    We shall soon see how accurate my predictions were! Though I've got most bases covered regardless. Unless we have to do cascading or squares, I've got a pretty solid foundation. Though the "only one chance" nature of the tournament means anything could happen...
  15. Muf


    Position Name       Score 
    1.   Eric Taylor   1295822 
    2.   Matt Dafoe    439522 
    3.   Sean Pajot    422954 
    4.   Michelle Giffin  254182 
    5.   Thomas Stratford 190800 
    6.   Claire Stratford 174946 
    7.   Lukas Newhouse  174490 
    8.   Steven Arnott   170434
    I love how ct's score is almost 3 times as high as the guy below him. Although he should've made it tenfold just to prove a point [​IMG]
  16. Nice! So do we know if that is the final??
  17. DA: CT won.


    And I'm sure that Dehacked made a good effort too. Congrats to the third place. [​IMG]

    CT: What are you gonna do with a thousand extra dollars? [​IMG]
  18. What were the games? Was it cool? Elaborate!
  19. YESSSSsssss

    this is so satisfying.

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