Good controller to get for TGM?

Thread in 'Hardware' started by PiePusher11, 21 Jun 2016.

  1. I've finally decided to invest in a TGM setup. The problem I'm having at the moment is finding an arcade stick for it. I don't particularly need the best stick out there or anything. I'm hoping to find one pre-built, so I don't have to deal with putting it together myself, haha.

    Anyone have any recommendations?
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  2. I play on a madcatz fight stick (
    ) in mame. I imagine it's not hard getting this to work with a board if you have one, I know a few people told me it was relatively easy when I almost got my hands on a board a few months back.

    You'll be able to find it much cheaper than that. I paid about AU$150 for it from a local store. It's easy enough to swap the restrictor plate to a 4-way in it, it took longer to find a screwdriver than to do it. Haven't had any issues with it in about a years worth of heavy use (and abuse).

    The one thing that annoys me about it, but this will happen with most fight sticks, the Sanwa buttons are super sensitive and I occasionally press them from accidentally resting my fingers on them.
  3. Oh? I was under the impression a USB stick wouldn't work on a board (I'm assuming what you're using on MAME would be USB ). If that's the case, this will probably be a lot easier.
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    There's the Undamned USB decoder which can enable your JAMMA supergun to work with any old USB stick.
  5. I have the same problem. You might want to look into Seimitsu buttons, they're less "squishy" than Sanwa's and it's hard to press them without meaning to. In particular I use the translucent colors, they feel better than the opaque ones. They come in the same sizes as a sanwa so it's just a simple snap-out snap-in switch.

    @PiePusher11 I have used an undamned usb decoder, they work just fine. Even most Super Turbo tournaments use then in this day and age. Just make sure your stick is PS360 and not a XBone or PS4 stick, I don't believe those work with the undamned yet.
  6. That's what it was! I couldn't remember what Kevin told me.

    I've contemplated that, it's more of a laziness thing for me at the moment, I'd have to go and find them (granted, I think there is a shop within a 10 minute walk of me I could pick them up from, so it's super lazy), but one day I will, even if it's just for the experience. Does the opposite problem occur at all, you go to press it and it doesn't register because you haven't hit it hard enough?
  7. Opposite problem does not occur, they're still lighter than a mechanical keyboard switch.
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  8. I mean you CAN cannibalize a stick and wire everything straight to the jamma harness, that's how my supergun is built, but you basically make the stick useless for anything else.
  9. So I've just done some googling, and it appears that fight stick is fine if you're into modding, and that's about it. For tetris everyone seems to recommends getting a Sanwa JLF stick, set to four way. As can be seen from the discussion between me and @JBroms the buttons are less specific, the JLF is the important thing. Seimitsu sticks from what I understand have a clover restrictor plate and make the lower g's (and possibly 20g) hard to play.

    If you purchase a cheap prebuilt fight stick, you should be able to get away with tearing it apart and putting in your own JLF and a few (4 I think, you could get away with 3 and use the keyboard to start as well, assuming you're running in mame, 4 for a TGM and TAP board, 5 for TI) buttons.

    Now I should give you some warning, I've never actually done this myself, so take everything I've just said with a grain of salt, and let people with more experience correct everything I just said. But hey, they say the best way to get information is to post the wrong information and get corrected.
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    Bruh get on my level

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  11. A problem if the PCB you're using has an issue with common ground. (solution: Use one that doesn't)
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    I used a 7 euro padhack.
  13. Ok, I've been looking for days, and I still have no idea what to do about the stick. Is there anywhere at all I can buy a pre-built DB15 arcade stick?
  14. I think Smallcab sells one.
  15. Nah Smallcab only sell USB/NEO-GEO sticks. No DB-15 ones.
  16. Neo Geo sticks are DB-15. If you come across a supergun with a DB-15 controller input I'd say there's a 99% chance it's mapped to the Neo Geo controller pinout. Actually, make that 100%.
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    Lol, Neo Geo is where people got the idea to use a DB15 connector in the first place.
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  18. Ah, right. I didn't know that. My bad.
  19. Ok so now I'm having another issue with my setup. I just got the power supply, and everything I need for it to play. But when I go to power it on, it just doesn't work. There's an LED that lights up on the supergun, so I know that's getting power. I don't understand what the problem is?

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