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Thread in 'Strategy' started by Jimtopia, 1 Jun 2010.

  1. Hi there, I'm new to this forum, and was wondering what tips the experts had for getting under a minute in 40 lines mode. I'm currently playing Lockjaw, and here's my settings as of today:

    Well: 10x20
    Enter: Above
    Speed: Exponential
    ARE: 0 ms
    Randomizer: Bag of Tetrominoes
    Hold: Off
    Rotation: Arika 1 FK+initial
    Lock: 83 ms Move reset
    Deep: Off
    Line clear: 16 ms Naive
    Gluing: Sticky
    Drop score: Soft x1, Hard x2
    T-spin: 3-corner T no kick
    Garbage: Off
    DAS: 150 ms Instant
    Soft drop: 1G Slide
    Hard drop: Slide
    Shadow: Faint color
    Next: 1

    My current fastest time is 63 seconds, a barrier I just cannot seem to break! And it's so obnoxiously close to under a minute. If there's anything in my settings you see that might help give me that extra edge, or may be slowing me down, let me know, it'd be appreciated. Obviously doing better in 40 Lines takes practice too, but I play Tetris like, every day so I get a lot of practice.

    Any advice is appreciated, and if you'd like to see replays I can post them upon request. Also if this is in the wrong forum, please move the thread or delete it or whatever, like I said I'm new here, and not quite sure if I've got everything down yet!

    Thanks in Advance,
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    Turn Hold on, set Hard Drop to Locking and set Next to 3. Oh and set Line Clear to 0ms. It may also help to use one of the History randomisers (4 roll, 6 roll or strict), but your mileage might vary.
  3. bag is by far the easiest randomizer to stack with.

    lineclear 16ms is the minimum, mufunyo.

    Do you rotate in both directions? or do you have to hit the rotate key 3 times to get it into certain orientations?

    Also, if you want to stack faster, you might want to consider 2-step finesse (once you learn rotating both ways that is).
    Since you are using an arika rotation set, i can't exactly link you to a 2-step finesse wiki...
  4. I currently rotate in one direction, but I just recently learned the error of my ways with that and am slowly trying to rectify it. Also I'm not entirely sure what 2-step finesse is, but I'll give it a shot once I do some research. Maybe it'll help me get used to rotating both directions quicker.
  5. I prefer Memory 4 for Lockjaw, but I'm also an ARS player. Memory 4 and Bag are both fine choices.

    2-step finesse is the idea that any placement with fast DAS will take at most two "steps" of shifting: neutral, tap once, tap twice, DAS to wall, and DAS to wall with a tap back. Ideally you want to minimize multiple taps in the same direction. You don't necessarily need to worry about learning alternatives to every double tap placement right off the bat, but try to avoid triple tapping.
  6. i triple tapped to get a 35.1 :/
  7. Muf


    Like I said, your mileage may vary. I for one wouldn't want to be caught dead with bag randomiser.

    You might have shaved a second off with 2-tap finesse :awe:
  8. After you learn some basic finesse and double rotate, find a game you like. It can be VS (Tetris Online Japan, Blockbox, Tetris Friends, Tetris DS) or single player (TGM/clone etc). Just play whatever is fun, and you'll get faster. No need to play boring 40 lines over and over...
  9. and when u get faster in one game u get faster in all of them.
    i didnt play LJ DS ever, and somehow scored 55seconds with my thumb.
    it was sore tho.
  10. don't listen to xael, he's noob =P

    learn some double rotation, homes
    or tap fast

    i know some tf players who single rotate.. and their time is under 1 minute
  11. Forgot I made this thread, but I did end up breaking my barrier, 53 seconds currently. Thanks for all your help folks.
  12. Hey, congrats. :D
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