Getting 4 grades on TI semi M ROLL

Thread in 'Strategy' started by Amnesia, 13 Aug 2010.

  1. Amnesia

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    Is there someone, like DIGITAL, kevin, c_t or Edo who could make for me a video or a sav file with a run on TI fading roll, with 3,5 or 4 grades.

    I just want to understand if I am suffering because of my non stick period of 1 year, which prevented me to work on top speed, or if I am simply FUCKING CRAP !!?

    by the way for indication :

    During practice session :
    My best M ROLL score : 3,2 grades
    My best fading ROLL score : 3,4 grades

    On real game :
    My best M ROLL score : ~0,7 grades
    My best fading ROLL score : 3,2 grades (Rank M)
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  3. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Ca te fait rire de me voir en chier hein ...
  4. As far as I know even Japanese players haven't managed 5 fading grades.

    I have no idea if I have a specific performance with 4 grades but my MK run is at least 3:
  5. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Getting 3 is even sure if you just downstack tetrises without manual locking.
    But 4 is insane. o_OO_O

    I ma surprised, I was sure that some japanese players had got 5 grades already.
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    This video of DIGITAL has 4.14 grades. Over 4.5 is certainly possibly looking at this video. It wouldn't surprise me if someone can get 5 grades in the fading roll.
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    Or you could just get better and get the m-roll instead :awe:
  8. K


    there are some few masterV performance with fading roll from KAN. Surely there might be a Master O performance
  9. I don't think so. I'm not even convinced it's TAS-possible.
  10. K


    oh yeah you're right !
    I wasn't thinking at all about the time needed for stacking 4 more Tetris..
  11. Amnesia

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    C'est de l'ironie la..?

    5 grades = 0,5 + 18 tetrises

    18 tetrises = 180 tetriminos at least

    180 / 54sec = 3.33 TPS

    TASable I think.
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  12. Amnesia

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    Getting closer, why am I exploring TI this way ?
    I don't intend to become MV or MO like this, I definitely recovered my M ROLL motivation, I am getting better, really.
    But in the same time, practicing some FADING is really really a good thing imo, it helps to keep a good stacking at fast TI speed and we know that consistently surviving TI MASTER 500-999 with lot of tetrises is the key before getting good at M ROLL.
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  14. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Have you noticed ????
    This is the first time I post a texmaster video without asking for help !!:)

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