Gemanator: Shirlanka Paradise

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  1. Hey Guys

    My name is Kaleb Parham aka The Squirrel Master. I am an indie game dev. I recently created a mobile puzzle game named Gemanator: Shirlanka Paradise!! It's a mobile puzzle game that can best be described as Tetris and a Rubik's Cube mixed together... with a dash of Bejeweled and a hint of Puyo Puyo, but just a little :p Unlike most mobile puzzle games, which are basically slower in nature, this game is fast-paced, placing emphasizes on intensity, speed, planning, and improvisation.

    Basically, you let the gems drop, just as they do in Tetris. But instead of rotating them as they fall, you shift the entire row left/right after gems have landed. You want to try to line up four or more gems vertically, horizontally, into a square, or into a special form to clear them away. When every single space on the playfield has a gem, you lose. I also throw in some abstract gems/blocks to mix things up. There is gravity, so gems do fall if nothing is below them, unlike Tetris.
    The game has a heavy emphasize on scoring. There are combos, rave-combos, and more which allow for a very free and expansive scoring system.
    The way you win varies from game mode to game mode, and there are six modes in total. Rush Mode which ends after five minutes, Arcade Mode which has fifty levels untimed (though beating the game quickly is encouraged), Nightmare Mode for the professionals, Trials Mode for those who like puzzles with clear solutions, Free Mode for practice, and Novice Mode for the absolute beginner.

    I'm trying to get awareness of the game out since it took me a few years and a lot of money to make. I managed to take the game to GameACon 2016. The reception was overwhelmingly positive! I've also been told that the game is pretty addictive. It's out now for Android and iOS devices if you want to check it out.
    More info: Gemanator Website
    Facebook: Facebook Page

    Sorry about these huge pics

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