Game Underground Arcade Championship (GUAC) Nov 16-18 2018

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  1. Game Underground, an arcade in Natick, MA, is holding their annual arcade championship the weekend of 10-12 November, and for the first time will include TGM2+ as a side tournament!

    Ruleset is still being finalized but I wanted to get out the announcement now so people can save the date. I will update this thread as rulesets are finalized.

    Event info:

    For those without Facebook:

    Game Underground is in the Natick Mall at 1245 Worcester St, Natick, Massachusetts. GUAC is their annual weekend of tournaments featuring events for:

    Rhythm Games
    - Dance Dance Revolution 2014
    - beatmania IIDX 23 copula
    - pop'n music eclale
    - jubeat Qubell
    - Pump It Up! Prime 2
    - Museca 1+1/2
    - Reflec Beat The Reflesia of Eternity

    Classic Games
    - Air Hockey
    - Pinball
    NOTE: Skeeball is up in the air at the moment.

    Side Tournaments
    - Windjammers
    - TGM2: The Absolute Plus
    More TBA based on interest.

    Rulesets are being posted at

    Prize support will be announced later and will include an overall title! Hope to see you there!
  2. Update: TAP is being added as a main tournament and will have a $5 buy-in. Expect a 50/30/20 split for the prize pool. Please note that entering any main tournament (which now includes TAP) will also require a $10 venue fee to support the overall tournament.

    The tournament will be a bracket (single or double elim will depend on number of entrants, but expect double since this will be a weekend-long event). I know the schedule currently says TAP starts Sunday but I will be pushing them to start Saturday so make sure we can get a double-elim bracket in.

    Format will be leaderboard-style: head-to-head matches on Master mode, high grade wins, mastering time breaks tie (so effectively whatever would place higher on the high score leaderboard).

    Keep up to date with the event on the facebook page and check out the latest updates!

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  3. FeV


    That was a super fun and intense tourney, I'm very happy to have attended and helped run it :) Hope to see more TAP tournaments like this!

    I streamed top 4 to my twitch, so here's the full vod if you want to check it out:
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  4. Hey everyone! Re-upping this thread for GUAC 3, happening this month, November 16-18, New England's premiere 3-day arcade game tournament returns!

    Note: Game Underground has moved to a new location, now at 349 Moody St., Waltham, MA!

    We're expecting a tourney similar to last year: head-to-head double-elim bracket with best 2-of-3 matches based on grade, leaderboard-style (high grade wins, times break ties). Last year's tourney was a ton of fun and it was great getting to meet more people within the community, if you're in New England than please consider coming out! $5 entry with a 50/30/20 prize pool split.

    GUAC will also feature tournaments for other arcade games such as:
    Dance Dance Revolution
    Beatmania IIDX
    Sound Voltex
    Pop'n Music
    Reflec Beat
    Air Hockey

    As well as a mystery tournament, last year's gauntlet of games ended with a new tablet for a grand prize.

    Check out the Facebook event page for more info, including full rulesets, and hope to see you there!
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