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  1. Yeah... This one is waaaaay harder than it seems to be by the way... I don't know about people who can consistently counterstop it yet. Anyone?
  2. A TGM1 race would be prefect. They're fun to watch, almost a guaranteed GM, unlike other games where even the best players can't GM reliably enough for a lifestream, the players can explain what's going on without being too stressed. and the viewers can visibly see what's happening and maybe by the end even pick up on some of the rotation trick subtleties.
  3. colour_thief and I did back-to-back first attempt TGM2+ Death and Master GMs on the TGM episode of Awesome Game Replays, so I wouldn't count it out entirely. :D And, although we're talking about Western community members going to play, I'm sure the top Japanese players could ensure an even higher success rate if they held back from a "World Record or bust" level of play and went with a more conservative "marathon safe" approach.
  4. Alright! Mike Uyama would like to have a planning to work out things. What do you guys think of

    TGM1 race
    TGM2 every mode done by different people

    for one hour and a half? I think it could be good! Also, what do you think of proposing a longer planning with TGM3 and secret grade stuff?
  5. I think both in terms of setup and avoiding bloat, doing the whole series doesn't make sense. TGM1/2 are straight JAMMA with essentially zero boot time, whereas TGM3 is cable hell and a bit slow to boot -- not as smooth of a transition.

    I think even the "all modes TAP" idea might be pushing it. The modes I'm unsure about are Normal and TGM+. Normal isn't traditionally time attack focused, and one of the features that differentiates it from Master slows down the game and is ideally avoided -- whether or not item dodging is an interesting enough differentiation from standard Master time attack is uncertain. TGM+ is certainly distinctive enough to make an argument for, but it's also a lot more slower paced and can get bogged down in clean-up. Master, Death, and Doubles would be tight, focused, and I think interesting to watch without overstaying our welcome.

    Secret Grade is doable in any game and takes like one minute (maybe two) so we certainly could pitch it as an extra. TGM3 would have some semblance of GM success rate if it were included, but I can crank out a TGM2 S8/S9 fast enough (and I would burst into fucking confetti right then and there if a Secret GM happened).
  6. Alright, one hour of all that you're proposing seems nice. From what I've been told, there's no guarantee we'll have a spot (which seems pretty obvious, given the size of the event), so I guess we'll have time to think of nice highlight videos in the meantime!
  7. Hmmm, MAGFest is spread apart for 2015, January 23-26. I'd only want to make the trip once. This is a very difficult decision!
  8. Here is a video tentative of the demonstration that we should have for AGDQ 2015. This video will be used for the submission entry that will be submitted before September the 3rd.

    If you have thoughts about how it looks like, if the commentary is complete etc don't hesitate to share them here.

    For now the planning should be :

    TGM1 race
    TGM2 master
    TGM2 death
    TGM2 doubles
    TGM2 secret grade

    If the order seems off, or if you believe there can be several plannings (which could be good for the donation incentives), don't hesitate to post something as well :)
  9. I'm not a TGM player, but I follow a lot of AGDQ vids and watch it when it comes around.

    That was a really great demonstration in my opinion - great explanations. The concept of game completion, ranks, GM status, etc. might be a little fuzzy from a complete outsider - so those may be things to tackle first in an explanation (maybe).

    Otherwise, really super! And really fantastic performances! Great job - makes me want to play!
  10. Thanks for the input. I will edit the post tomorrow with everything I have gathered and we will have a refresher course. Things are looking quite interesting!

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