French ESA prep meetup

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  1. I'm announcing this very late but I'm having a TGM meetup weekend at my place in Paris

    This will be one week from now, i.e. from July 13th to Sunday 15th. People can sleep and eat, and if they want they can stay on Monday.

    I know a bunch of frenchies near Paris interested but who else is? @Oshisaure ?

    Send me a pm if you're interested :)
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  2. @Archina Paris is just 2 hours away from London King's Cross / St Pancras. (And you won't have to bring your CRT this time)
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  3. I'll be at my grandma's until then and I'm coming back on the 13th bringing grandma home for the weekend with my family, my sister's gonna be home as well... Guess I'll have to skip on that one, sorry, but maybe next time.
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  4. As much as I'd love to come to France, it's extremely short notice for me. I'd have to book the week off to make it work (and I know only a small amount of French so I'm unsure how easy it would be to get around.) Sorry but I can't attend. 27th-29th would be a 'maybe' if I booked it early enough. yet that's as soon as I can manage.

    As for the CRT.. @Oliver has mine now. I upgraded to a 20" BVM a while back and no way is that going to fit in a suitcase. :D For future events though I can always bring my TN monitor + OSSC (extremely low latency so you'd pretty much never notice the difference between that and a CRT.)
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  5. K


    If France win the world cup.. transportation and traffic will be a mess
  6. Too bad, I left Paris Friday, I already had plans. Well maybe next time ! So I'm quite interested if it happens again sometime :)
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  7. Glad to see so much potential interested in this! The little meetup went well with a lot of games and new discoveries (Tetris flash is great) and all in all we were 4!

    Next time will be much later to account for a lot of preparation plus avoiding some date clashes. How's December/January/February sound? Tell me all what you think :)
  8. December is a straight-up no for me (Way, WAY too busy there.) However Jan/Feb might work. I'd probably need to know the date in advance however (Preferably before December) So I can get a week booked off for it.
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  9. Wow, it completely went past me that ESA was in Malmö this time! That's like *right next door*

    Wish I'd realised that in time :( Are one-day tickets a thing?
  10. Probably not, but i hope to see you there next time :)

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