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Thread in 'Discussion' started by colour_thief, 22 Mar 2006.

  1. Recently a new record was set in TGM3's Shirase Mode: lvl 1300 @ 4:41.

    This is fast!

    VERY FAST!!!

    How fast you say?

    Well, there's no video... This was done in arcades. But I can figure out the approximate speed.

    1300 levels. Each piece is worth 1.4 levels, 1 for the piece, and more for the line it might help make. A line is 10 blocks, and a piece is 4, so 4/10 = 0.4 and 1+0.4 = 1.4.

    Also, Shirase has "garbage" rise from the bottom. This will contribute to lines and therefore levels. Assuming maximal efficiency of 9 blocks per rising, each rise will give 0.9 levels. Watching the current videos, players received 16 and 17 rises over the course of a complete Shirase round. I'll be conservative and assume there were 20 rises somehow.

    1300-(20*0.9) = 1282 levels to be accounted for by pieces alone.

    1282/1.4 = 916 pieces received by the player.

    4:41 = 281 seconds.

    916/281 = 3.26


    3.26 Pieces Per Second !!!
    196 Pieces a Minute !!!!!!

    Keep in mind this is a conservative estimate. The player definitely played faster than this. Also, the second half of Shirase is faster than the first half. He was probably moving closer to 230 pieces a minute towards the end!

    TGM3 or TDS, it makes no difference... The greatest obstacle to a fast time will always be the human mind.
  2. awesome. he's a pro in my book.
  3. K


    simply : maybe we could simply call him "GrandMaster" ...
  4. "grandmaster"... eh, gay? [​IMG]
  5. that, was unnecessarily low brow...
  6. [​IMG] sorry, but "grandmaster" reminds me of the title they put on those really old chess guys. it's just, eh-- kind of cheesy?
  7. cheesy's ok, it's just "gay" is an insult typically used by 5 year olds... and not exactly politically correct

    'sup gay tetris players
  8. K


  9. speaking of-- i know a gay tetris player. he's really good. he'd go about 160tpm at times. it's not exactly politically incorrect. i'd make gay jokes all the time around him-- gay people have a sense of humor, too.
  10. Well ct/Jago, however insanely fast he might've been, he's STILL "just" an S13 grade player according to the game itself... Nobody even knows what it takes to get GM in TGM3 yet, let alone attain one [​IMG]
  11. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    I think it's a joke..A tool assisted video...Thre is no proof it's real..
  12. Amnesia is a tool assisted poster. We have no proof.

    Seriously dude, they're real and you're going to have to come to terms with this sooner or later. If you went to Japan and saw a good player in an arcade, you would see for yourself how silly it is to call them cheaters. If you'd ever go to [secret place], which you haven't even though we gave you explicit instructions like 5 times, we could prove you wrong.
  13. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    To make an assisted video is such an easy thing!!

    there is 3 month I sent a photo of T.A. DEATH finished in 5min12 in Gm to jagorochi and he believed it!

    We are enough good to see the difference between a true and a false video!

    Ok..I think a human can do it..But it's too much this time..I need to go in Japan (I think in the 4 next years) in order to see it!
  14. how do you tool assist a game you can only play through the arcade board? there's no way to predict what will happen in the game.
  15. Yes, I am good enough to see that it is not a fake video. [​IMG]

    And jago didn't believe that picture... He simply didn't care...
  16. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

    Unless the game seeds its random number generator off a hash of the SRAM or off a real-time clock, you can count vblanks. Or you can use expansion hardware to pause the CPU clock and freeze and thaw states. Or you can use a version of MAME released before Arika cease-and-desisted the developers.
  17. um well then there ya go... [​IMG]

    /stupid tepples always with his crazy-asperger's-knowledge-of-everything-making-me-look-bad stuff.
  18. Hey amnesia, stop thinking about fakes lol

    Many people in japan who play on the arcade just don't have any video game systems at home (for instance, the best street fighter alpha 3 and capcom vs snk 2 world player, Bas, plays only on the arcade and sometimes goes to a friend's house to train a little bit his combos)

    You just can't cheat when you play on the arcade.

    Most people, by seeing this: ... dodonpachi

    or this:

    will say "fake" or "geek".

    It's because they just don't know (as you) what arcade is in japan.

    I can tell you, those two vids are just nothing compared to what I've seen in japan. The most incredible thing I saw was a guy who played 4 hours non-stop (when you finish the game with one coin, you don't get "game over" in most japanese arcades center) on dodonpachi daioujouh (yeah the vid up there with the ridiculous final boss) and stood up in the middle of the game when his girlfriend arrived [​IMG]

    People in japan have two possibilities after work: go out and have fun or go home and be bored in their 10 square meters appartment.

    Some go to the restaurants with other employees from their society, some go to have a drink, others to the cinema, others to the love hotel er, hum hum, and some others go to the arcade.

    What is the arcade in japan ?

    Well, beside the small arcades, you got the buildings like the sega centers, taito centers etc etc etc.

    5 stairs, hundreds and hundreds of games. You must see this by your own eyes ! The 5 minutes your ears will need to accomodate to the insanely loudy noise of all the systems. The 20 minutes you will need to find a game you wan't to play (there's so many of them). That's just insane.

    And in this big arcade, you've got some people who stay there from the ending of their working day until they go home to sleep. 6 days a week. 48 weeks a year.

    Generally, they play only a specific sort of game (well, everybody prefers one sort of game) and more important, they PAY to play.

    Even if it doesn't sound important, it actually is.

    When your money is going down, you play WELL more concentrated and safely and thus, you progress much more faster. Moreover, if you loose, you might have to stand up and leave the game to the guy waiting behind you. And maybe need to wait half an hour to replay.

    I personnally haven't been to hardcore tetris player's arcade (I assume they exist, as exists some for virtua fighter, others for shmups, other for guylty gear and so on), but for what I've seen, I can tell you those tetris vids aren't fakes.

    Imagine loans of people playing 2 hours every day for the last six years (10 000 GM on tgm1 ? and only a couple of them can reach S13 ? What's so surprising about this ?)

    I would even say that a japanese game isn't able to make a fake video.

    Fake videos to show your skills is issued from the occidental culture. I don't think it's a concept japanese people can even understand.

    When there is a trick in the video, (I've seen a LOT of videos with tricks), it's just written at the ending of the video !
  19. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

    How can an average player stay alove for more than ten seconds in this sort of game? Or is it a hobby only for the filthy rich, where you can survive for 30 seconds on one credit after having played the game 30 times? Is everybody in Japan filthy rich or something?
  20. Ken_P

    Ken_P Unregistered

    Actually, what I said (or thought) is: why not just actually play the piano? Most of those pieces (and I recognized all of them) aren't even that difficult, probably much less so than the game version, and much more worthwhile. I guess I'm not hardcore enough. [​IMG]

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