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  1. Re: Seattle TGM3 is now at Narrows Plaza Bowl

    Amount of TGM players in Seattle: 4-6
    Amount of TGM players in all of Indiana: 1
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    Re: Seattle TGM3 is now at Narrows Plaza Bowl

    How about up here in Ontario?

    Oh wait, we've already got one.

    Can we get another? I have an idea of where to put it.
  3. Re: Seattle TGM3 is now at Narrows Plaza Bowl

    It isn't in Silicon Vall--oh wait arcades around here are anti-Tetris assholes so it's not like we'll get any of the TGM's ever.

    Kitaru: "Look, I'm giving TGM1 to you, for free--"
    SJSU bowling alley staff: "shut up kitaru"
  4. Re: Seattle TGM3 is now at Narrows Plaza Bowl

    Fixed. I don't think I've ever talked to the bowling center directly since I don't think they really have much say in the matter. On Campus Entertainment are the operators there.

    Also, supposedly they used to have one of the Sega Tetris games there. I never did find out if it was the 1988 or NAOMI one, but it was described to me as "the one with the monkey in it."
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    Re: Seattle TGM3 is now at Narrows Plaza Bowl

    Haha that's classic. That's like asking which Mario game and the answer is "the one with the mushrooms in it". :V
  6. Re: Seattle TGM3 is now at Narrows Plaza Bowl

    So I went to Narrows.

    The machine is in a really good location, and I'm sure it'll be getting a decent amount of play. Both sides work excellently, and I had about 15 or so m8s and m9s in a row when I went.
  7. Re: Seattle TGM3 is now at Narrows Plaza Bowl

    One last update.

    The machine has been pulled out of the arcade due to poor revenue. It is currently sitting in the Masterman Vending warehouse in perfect condition. The next time it will be playable will be Sakuracon 2010, on April 2-4th. Things will be happening with the cabinet after SakuraCon and it might pop up at another venue or even in my house.

    If you still live in the Seattle area and are interested in playing TGM, there is always my house. I have access to TGM1 and Ti and soon TAP in a Japanese cabinet. I'm not posting my address, so you'll have to PM me for more info. There's also a new venue opening up locally which will at least have some form of arcade TGM. It should be opening up in a couple of weeks.

    Even our best wasn't good enough.
  8. Re: Seattle TGM3 is now at Narrows Plaza Bowl

    I realize you're probably quoting a terrible song, but did you even visit your arcade once between your last 2 posts? You certainly didn't improve any of your own records...
  9. Re: Seattle TGM3 is no longer in service.

    I actually wasn't quoting a terrible song but whatever.

    Yes, I went about 3 times a month and put in over $15 each time to support the game. The damn place is over an hour away from my house so it's really difficult to get there. I actually did improve my Easy record along with my Sakura scores, but I never bothered posting them because they're still not decent. I haven't improved any of my other records for a few reasons. First of all, I've been only focusing on TAP because most people play that. My Tourette's has also just been absolutely ridiculous since about December so I've had trouble playing at Ti speeds when things happen like my whole upper body randomly convulsing. With TAP it's okay because you don't ever have to play that fast. Even then, I have trouble in Death because of its speed. I've pretty much lost the motivation to play anything, really. TAP is too frustrating, TGM1 I've hit the point where you need to actually be able to stack well in order to improve time, and Ti I've just stopped caring about.
  10. Re: Seattle TGM3 is no longer in service.

    I think the distance was the real issue for Kevin and me. I didn't have any convenient way of getting to Narrows, and taking a trip there is a huge time investment just to play some Ti.
  11. Re: Seattle TGM3 is no longer in service.

    Okay! TGM3 from Acme is back in service at my house in Fall City, WA. It's about a 45 minute drive from Seattle and a 30 minute drive from Acme. If anyone is interested in visiting and playing, let me know. I also have TGM1, Tetris Plus 1 and 2, and a few other arcade boards.

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