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  1. Well, hello! :D

    Initially, I thought about making a post for each of the planned events in my country. But knowing that most people would not be too happy in seeing 20-30 posts about Poland... I decided to pack things up in one post.

    After the success, which was the 1st Classic Tetris Poland Championship, we decided to start more things in 2020.

    Basically - I want to reach as many polish players as possible, maybe even "creating" more of them along the way.

    So... um... time to reveal some of the information:

    [Version] Date - CITY, Event name
    Players, who declared their attendance
    [PAL] 02-04.10 - WARSAW, Pixel Heaven
    Freeplay along with 2nd Classic Tetris Poland Championship and maybe some additional minitournaments
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  2. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    I would have come from Hungary if every borders were not closed.
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