Emulated TGM - is there any sense?

Thread in 'Hardware' started by TheFellowJasper, 1 Apr 2015.

  1. First, hello everyone, I newbie (dew days) TGM player inspired by AGDQ performance by KevinDDR. I have 2 question

    1. Is there any sense of mastering TGM (I mean TGM1, TGM2 and TGM3) on MAME (in terms of TGM1 AND 2) with input lag fixes and leaked TGM3. I especially interested with TGM3 cause I found thread (http://tetrisconcept.net/threads/tgm3-input-display-lag.1802/) what says playing TGM3 using keyboard hack is almost unplayable at high speed so I would like to know if there's any sense to even look at it

    2. Are playing on keyboard gonna slowdown me much in comparison to play on Arcade Stick (which is out of my range for if we talking about good arcade sticks) or I can achieve pretty good scores with just keyboard?
  2. To counter point 2, an arcade stick is more fun but there are plenty of very good scores on here which were set with a keyboard, and for the most part there's not much issue with it. In terms of speed all the 40L top scores are set with a keyboard (though 0G SRS is a slightly different ballgame to TGM).

    And really, the input lag on MAME is fairly minimal. It's there, sure, but again, plenty of very good scores have been set by people using MAME. Playing on a PCB is nicer, but for TGM1 and TAP you can get all the Gm grades on emulators no issue (aside from the inherent hard-as-balls difficulty) and with MAME properly set up it's really not a big problem. TGM3 is pretty damn laggy, ranging from OK to unplayable depending on your computer and the input hack you're using, but then on the real arcade hardware it's got a lot of input lag as well unless you're hacking things a bit to run more smoothly.
  3. Good to know the emu and keyboard can be good for now in terms of TGM1 and TGM2. But can I ask you what do you mean by saying "depending... ...the input hack you're using:"? Are there few input hacks for playing using keybaord for TGM3? And how good the PC should be to minimize lag?
  4. If you're just starting out, you're probably not going to notice the input lag in MAME, to be honest. It didn't start becoming a problem for me until I starting getting ~1:04 section times in TGM1 (20G).

    Playing with a stick is way more fun, once you get used to it. Definitely recommend picking up a PS3/PS4/Xbox fight stick if you can find one for cheap. I have a Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 SA (the one with all Sanwa parts), which I originally used with MAME, but later rewired for SuperGun once I got my PCBs.
  5. cleure: Good to know, but there's one thing what still bother me, are there few keyboard hack for TGM3?
  6. We do not discuss warez...
  7. Well, I dont know that the hack is considered as a piracy, game yes but no hack. In that case, sorry.
  8. And if you are new to the series, you shouldn't begin with TGM3
  9. For now I try to master TGM 1. I'm bothering about TAP and TGM3 because I want to have everything set up so I can just play instead of waste time trying to get it working. Anyway thanks for help
  10. I'd definitely try out TAP for a while after a bit of TGM1. Sonic drop just improves the feel of the game so much, and it also has T.A. death for when you feel a bit masochistic >:D

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