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  1. finally, i will come only saturday and sunday morning / beginning of afternoon , my bus arrives at 11:30 in eindhoven.

    See ya next week !
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  2. one question i have: do we need to bring stuff for the bed (like cushions) ourselves or will that be supplied by the place we're sleeping at? i wanna know this so i can prepare accordingly. i'll probably be one of the people snagging a bed if thats okay considering i'm staying the full span of days there
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    The shared room will have two beds, two couches, and two mattresses on the floor. First come first serve.

    Also I didn't really plan for this properly (apologies for that), but if a few extra people bring TGM1 PCBs we could probably still hold a The Masters tournament on Sunday afternoon.
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  4. TGM1 PCB is packed. Though I don't think I can bring much more. My bag has space, yet not the weight limit and my suitcase has weight, yet no space. :V
  5. HR finally got back to me, I'll be there all four days!
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    Protip: no actual airport I've ever been to has had the technical capacity to weigh carry-on luggage, only checked luggage. So while you have to stay within the max dimensions of a cabin bag/suitcase, it can weigh as much as you want. Any imposed weight limit on cabin luggage is a bluff.
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  7. Realised that when I was 3kg over the weight limit on my carry-on and was gonna use technicalities to knock it off (allowed a 'small' bag as well and would have just taken my arcade stick out as its the correct dimensions.) Then lo and behold they never bothered to check. Lol
  8. I'm sad to tell you that I won't be able to come. Austria says I need 15 days of training before I can start any practical work as a paramedic, and since this month started with a Tuesday, they need me to come in this Saturday as well. I was not told about this until yesterday, but I got no say in it either way.

    It's sad because I was really looking forward to meeting awesome people again and for the first time. I also can't cancel my tickets anymore, so the money's gone as well.

    Still wish everyone a lot of fun at the event! See you next year.
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    Oh no! :( I was looking forward to seeing you again. Better luck next year hopefully!
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  10. Oh man that sucks :( It (unfortunately) doesn't really suprise me though given the experiences I've had with Austrian bureaucracy and civil/military service in general.
    Maybe we can both make it next year, let's see.
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    Stream is up!

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    Thanks to all the attendees and stream viewers for the good times and memes. Love you all and see you next year! <3

    Notable memories we made this year include:
    I <3 BJ
    The shirts
    CCST mirror secret grade
    Echo not bringing a coat in October
    Forgetting to bring Tomek to the pancake place
    Archina doing the thing
    Having a mini masters tournament and then cancelling the actual masters tournament
    NACKE AN NACKE (Dyst, I hope I did a convincing impression of you), also #manspreading
    Archina's laptop power cable
    Trying out Ti's debug mode that lets you skip levels logged in as Mihara #tgm_series
    Sequence hold is love, sequence hold is life
    So much J-core
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  13. #debug_series - gotta love the absolutely broken shirase credits but also the super funny broken attract mode

    also this meetup has probably been the most fun i've had in 2019 so far. thank you all for making this meetup as great as it was and especially muf and plug-in city for organizing all of this! i'll try my best to join in again next year!
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  14. It was a very nice meeting this year with several new people to meet! Also hope that people which did not make its this year will be back in 2020! Also think that the small NES tournament was a welcome addition, thanks to Archina setting up the spreadsheet!
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  15. I've already got permission. Probably plus one and a half.

    Will see how things go with time off work and holiday budget but given I'm having to take a hiatus from real-tile mahjong tournaments I've suddenly got a lot more of those spare again
  16. gonna try my best to come next year because irl shitposting and jcore is better than twitch chat shitposting and jcore
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