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    The time is upon us to decide when we will be having our annual Tetrisconcept European Meeting in Eindhoven!

    I'm a little late with this thread so sorry about that. I want to do tech for CTEC again, which thankfully has its date set already (20 September) but that means I need time to prep before and time to wind down after, meaning all of September is blocked.

    So I guess the first question then is, what works better for everyone, August or October? Both have their advantages, summer is nicer in general, but also means more reflections on the CRTs. Autumn is colder but there is heating and to a certain extent the CRTs will keep us warm.

    Personally I'm leaning more towards October but I'd like to hear your thoughts first.

    Location will be the same as always, Plug In City, Eindhoven's own circular container village which is becoming more symbiotic with Tetrisconcept every year in that they've had my Blast City for the past 6 months, and will now be building their own arcade cabinet using a 29" Trinitron and Sanwa controls that I will be supplying. (Shoutout to @TGGC for hooking me up with a replacement)

    Let's go!
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  2. I can do October if it is not 19/20th. Also asking the other german guys I know.
  3. I'm still on the fence as to whether I should go to Eindhoven or CTEC though for this event in particular, October would be the better time for me.
  4. I'm free in August except for 18th-24th. I start civil service in October so I could probably only make it on weekends.
  5. I'm working in August and University starts in October so I'll probably be only free on weekends (maybe take off a Friday or skip a set of lectures).
    With the exception of 13/14th of August I can make it for sure (considering other circumstances I'll give October half my my vote but I am happy with both). but I'd strongly prefer October.
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  6. The people from Mainz basically all agreed that October would be the preferred month if it happens to no be the 19/20th Oct.
  7. I have nothing planned for October so anytime in October is fine for me.
  8. 19th+20th October is CTWC, right?
  9. @Archina We will see you at Eindhoven this year ? :D
  10. I'd probably decide closer to July. So maybe. :p
  11. It seems so, but thats not our reasoning. We have a local event here called "Frankfurt book fair" where our association is taking part in.

    @Muf: I got to know some more german players in the recent time, mostly interested in either NES/SNes Tetris or Puyo Puyo Tetris. Are you interested in having them over at Eindhoven? I think there would be also enough time to have e.g. a 1v1 Nes Tournament added to the event.
  12. Muf


    Sure, there is more than enough time to plan anything you guys are up for :)

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