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    4-7 October 2018
    Location: The newly moved and renovated Glaspaviljoen at Plug In City at Strijp-S in Eindhoven!


    Facilities: there is a shared bedroom with two beds, a couch and a bunch of mattresses. The combined cost is 60 euro for everyone and the more people share it the cheaper it becomes for the people sharing! If you don't like sharing with icky nerds you can book a room with the nearby Blue Collar Hotel.

    There will be a live stream, lots of games, lots of CRTs, and a live concert on Friday.
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  2. I will ask my local friends and tell you.
  3. I'd gladly take October because I'll be in Cambridge by then (and England is close enough for dirt cheap flights).
    But I'll only play tiebreaker; if more people prefer August because tree I'll hope for next year.
  4. For my group we could only make it on the weekends or the first week of october (1.-5.10.). October has slight preference, so I cast my vote there.
  5. October for me too, cus I'll probably be away for holidays in August :o
  6. Hey @Muf, I don't wanna push you, but it would be good to know when stuff is gonna happen. It looks like it's gonna be October, but a more exact date would be nice. Sorry if I'm rushing you or something...
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  7. Muf


    I just spoke with Bas (the venue manager) and October is fine. We can start narrowing down the date. I've edited the poll and you can now vote again, this time which weekend works out best for you.

    Also, we're going to have to pull a bit more financial weight this year, so we're gonna see if we can book an 8-bit DJ on Friday or something. No details yet, but what I'm imagining in my head is already awesome.

    EDIT: whoops, forgot to change the poll to multiple-choice.
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  8. I cast a single vote on behalf the the Mainz group. We would likely be 3 "players" + entourage (various girlfriends and kids). We are fine with all weekends except 11-14 October. However for weekdays (Th/Fr) its only possible 4/5th, if its possible at all.
  9. K


    Not available on the weekend of 14th of october
  10. Muf


    Update: the event will be held 4-7 October, and 5 October there will be a live act: Alex Kelman.
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  11. My workplace confirmed the two days off, so expect me to be there from 4-7. :)
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  12. I'm also coming. Since I guess that cheap hotel in walking distance that I heard of last year is still a thing: If someone wants to share a room, feel free to contact me.

    So excited to finally meet peoples. :D
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  13. Ok that's an interesting timing, I will be in Paris for a conference on the 5th, so I could try to make it after that. What will be the event looking like ? party around an arcade and so on ?
  14. Well, I suppose it's not a good idea to leave my uni on the first weekend of term already, so I won't be coming. But there is always next year. Have fun everybody!
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  15. Muf


    Updated the first post with some more conclusive & constructive details. I'm still very busy with CTEC 2018 but I'll update more in the course of the week.
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  16. I will be coming, still don't know if I'll be there for all the event or just the weekend.
  17. Sharing a room with icky nerds? I'm in.
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  18. I have a couple of small questions regarding the meetup:

    - What's the earliest we can arrive on Thursday? Asking cause I'll probably be there around 1PM and I don't know if that's too early.
    - When do people usually leave on Sunday? I'm debating wether I should take the bus in the afternoon or at night.
    - I saw that in the past people were interested in having shirts for the meeting again. Do people still want that? Cause I know I do and I could take care of that if others want it as well.
    - This might be a dumb question, but are there showers and stuff at the place of the shared bedroom, or is it just a small room at Glaspaviljoen? ^^'
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  19. Looking into getting Friday off so I can come and be there 5-7 Oct. If I can't have Friday off from work then I probably won't come at all.
    Seems to be no good flights on Saturday, either a 6h flight or 21h return and double the price... On friday it's 1h20m both ways.
    So would have to get friday cleared.
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  20. I'll have the shared bedroom, iirc @FreakyByte it's a comfy room in a residence nearby (right next to Glaspaviljoen) and it has a shower
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