Eindhoven 2016

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  1. Haven't visited the forum in forever (stupid real life stuff to take care of), but I'll be there as well. Dont worry about sleeping space, I live nearby so I'll sleep at home.

    Also I'll bring my TGM1 board, it's gonne be a real challenge to put a european score in the rankings.
  2. All the way from Victory Pointe to Eindhoven

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  3. Muf


    Qlex and Jago should be able to beat that.
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  4. I'm not gonna make it. Have fun!
  5. K


    That was a piece of cake ! :V

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  6. Do not spoil the thought I've now got that these were done in reverse order. "Oh, a 9:54, well, it's only one". 10 minutes later "Oh, a 9:53, well at least there's still one time that remains." 10 minutes later still the rage inducing 9:52 happens.
  7. Hi, something of my desktop PC break right After coming back, pictures and Video may take a while :(

    Had to put in older GPU to make it boot again, now it crashes my videoeditor... At least put up some pictures to Mufs Facebook Gallery.
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