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  1. Muf


    Sup party people,

    It's time for me to start planning this, and although it's kind of de facto been in September the past few years, it might be more convenient for me to host in October, giving me more time to prepare (read: slack).

    So, which dates are people more likely to be able to come? Sometime in the third week of September or so, or the first or second week of October? Let me know!
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  2. 16-18th September would be good for me personally as I know already now that I don't have work during that time.
    October I don't know. Possibly 14-16th.
  3. The later the better. Trying to go to Japan on September so I guess 2nd week of October :)
  4. 24/25 Sept, 1/2 Oct and 8/9 Oct would be ok for me, but 15/16 Oct even better. The weeks before/ after I'm likely not gonna make it.
  5. I hope we soon have a date so I can arrange my work and holiday time acccordingly!
  6. Muf


    I hope to be able to announce something soon. To be quite honest I've been leaning towards cancelling entirely as this summer I've had and will have quite some renovations at home (due to leaks) and combined with my current mental state I'm not sure I have the energy to organise everything for the meeting. Tentatively though if it will go through it will most likely be the weekend of 13-16 October, provided the location isn't already booked that week.
  7. Would be fine with this date, so I hope it works out in the end.
  8. I have a lot of stuff piling up in October, so there's little chance I could make it. That said, I won't really promise anything about September either, but I really would love to go some time.
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  9. Muf


    Status update: the meeting will go ahead on 13-16 October, but it will be small scale (max 8 people), at my house, no livestream. I didn't have the heart to cancel the meeting entirely, but I don't have the time or energy to do it as big as the past two years. Sorry guys, but I hope we can have a cozy mini-meeting instead. :)
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  10. If there's room for me, I'll gladly come (as I've never been to these meetings before), but I'll understand if some better players have priority over me :p
  11. Muf


    As far as I'm concerned it's first-come-first-serve, with the exception of Jago as he's the baton-passer (the first two TC Euro meetings were at his place) and somewhat of a co-host.
  12. I'm completely TBC at the moment, been super busy for the last two months and haven't really had time to give it much thought.

    That said, I've already got holiday booked for 3rd-8th October so it's unlikely it's going to clash with any other plans for me. Kind of in a stance of considering it, but feel like I don't really want to take up a slot if other people are far more keen to go and it ends up oversubscribed.
  13. Muf


    More people can attend provided they book their own sleeping arrangements, or if they only intend to stay one day.
  14. Ok, I'm definitely interested but I'll confirm that I'll attend only when I'll be 100% sure I can be there ;)
  15. After checking out my holiday at work and the prices of hotels near Eindhoven I am going to be there. I'll likely arrive some days earlier and visit the area around Eindhoven. If anyone wants to suggest something interesting, feel free to tell me.

    @Qlex: Hope to see you there!
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  16. I'm doin dis shit
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  17. I've checked everything on my side, I'll be there.

    @Qlex If you'll be travelling from Paris we could figure out something to travel together
    (Doubles in the TGV yay ! :biggrin: )
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  18. Alright, I'm coming.
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  19. Muf


    Okay so we've got Jago, Tomek, Qlex and Burb. TGGC is going for a hotel, so 4 sleeping spots remaining.
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  20. I realise I'm a month late on this, but I'm also in.
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