Eindhoven 2013!

Thread in 'Locations & Events' started by Muf, 29 Apr 2013.

  1. Muf


    Any news?

    Also 3 DAYS GET HYPE!!
  2. It might happen, I'll look about the tickets tomorrow
  3. K


    Greaaaat !
  4. That's it guaiys I'm in, from Thursday evening to sunday morning.

    If someone would be so kind to remind me the route from eindhoven train station via private message please? Muf? :p
  5. Muf


  6. K


    what's going on ! wow a stream a muf's place !?!
    i wish i could be there :\
  7. have fun guys :)
  8. Okay guys, just got back, learning javascript for tomorrow and OOOH MY GOOD that event was just SOOO amazing, thanks to all of you guys for being there, making this awesome, escorting me the way back (that didn't prevent some assholes in the train from shouting and whistling so that my ears exploded)

    Thank you Muf and your team of event organizers is just the best team ever. I'm barely joking by the way!

    Will try and get some things going to tell a bit more how this is awesome, but yeah, it's awesome.

    *burp* played too much, I don't think I'll do that again really soon :D

    See ya soon guys, take care!
  9. COL


    This weekend was absolutely great, big thanks to muf and attendees and anyone involved in the organization of the thing. I need to go to holland more often!
  10. Thanks muf for another great meeting with an even more professional stream this year and another season of The Masters! All the little traditions, loads of Tetris and the warm hospitality always make Eindhoven a great stay! :)
  11. K


    Finally got home..
    Thank you everybody, for this meeting, and especially muf.. this year the streaming setting was very good !

    cool people, cool place, the place to be :)
  12. Muf


    Thank you all for the kind words. I agree that in terms of amount of SNAFUs, this meeting had the least and mostly went without a hitch! For The Masters III, let's aim towards all the boards having sound, clear stream picture and no last minute fumbling before starting the stream :p. It would also be nice if I could use my own €800 full HD camera during the whole meeting instead of having to part with it halfway :awe:.

    For those who could not attend and missed the stream or parts of it, the VODs are up:

    Tetrisconcept European Meeting 2013 Day One, Afternoon

    Tetrisconcept European Meeting 2013 Day One, Evening

    Tetrisconcept European Meeting 2013 Day Two, Afternoon

    Tetrisconcept European Meeting 2013 Day Two, Evening

    Tetrisconcept European Meeting 2013 Day Three, Afternoon

    Tetrisconcept European Meeting 2013 Day Three, Evening

    Tetrisconcept European Meeting 2013 Day Four, Evening

    And of course, our annual official event:
    Tetrisconcept The Masters II

    If anyone spots any funny/interesting/record-breaking segments, please PM/mail/IRC me the link and the start and end times and I'll make it into a Twitch highlight for easier viewing and sharing.
  13. Rosti trips and takes out the camera for highlight! :D
  14. Would have been more spectacular if the camera was zoomed out a little bit more and you could actually see my attempted dive to stop the game logging me out, but here - http://www.twitch.tv/mufunyo/b/426253647?t=5h04m

  15. Also I had records and stuff but I really can't be bothered going through and finding them yet :\
  16. Sorry for being such a slowpoke on this one, but I would like to have two videos out of those sessions, if that's still okay to ask.

    Near 1:55 of day 2 evening I made a S9 8:40.

    Also, during the whole evening of day 3 I try and have an examination for m9, I think it's near the end. However, the link is broken =(
  17. Does anyone know where I can find TCTM II footage? The link above is broken for me.

    Thanks, steve
  18. Muf


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