Eindhoven 2012 Meeting (September 20-23rd)

Thread in 'Locations & Events' started by Rosti LFC, 21 Aug 2012.

  1. Sucks to hear that COL :(

    I other news, I've arrived though! :D
  2. I'll be landing in Amsterdam at 13:30 tomorrow, so I guess I'll get there 4ish. Will txt for a lift from the station when I'm getting close :)
  3. K


    WTF !
    Les fromages qui puent en force bordel !!
  4. K


    Just started yesterday, and i'm so impressed people can do so well with a so laggy genuine piece of shit TypeX is..
    Oh wait, it's so easy to blame the system, than our own team dev for shity code.
    And I remember ZAB actually played on Muf version..
    Oh well i'm getting too old. :V
  5. OnS

    OnS Unregistered

    Hi !
    I'm one of Qlex friend.

    Qlex is currently in Eindhoven, without Wi-Fi (that's why i'm writting this message).
    His phone number is: 06 89 14 04 62

    Could you help him, please ?

    Thanx. bye.
  6. That's what he said (I paid 6€ to get internet access :facepalm:)

    If you know a telephone number from ANY of the guys there, SEND IT to my via PM or text message, I would be really grateful. Thanks in advance
  7. K


    Oh shit we forgot about qlex since yesterday !!
    But he's ok. Homeless from train station took care of him :)
  8. Muf


    who's who .. :V
  9. Thanks for the super cool week end, thanks to your super cool parents and off course, thanks for the super cool tetrisconcept tee-shirt :)
    Keep stacking and see you next year :)
  10. Pretty sure someone stole my sleeping bag during the trip, but I definitely was upset about the delayed flight. I had to stay at Lyon, and today the bus also got delayed, so I got late and tired... But things got smooth.

    Anyway, I think I have to say this was a very good experience. The French, well... they're French. Muf and his parents : You are awesome, that was a success. The English : You guys are funny as hell. The German : Mad chill people. The Dutch : Stop trying to imitate our accent, we love you, thanks.

    Was nice meeting you all, thanks everyone again!
  11. Muf


    I'm glad you all had fun! Next year, people!

    Now to debrief:

    COL, you still have an L shirt here that I need to get to you some way. Contact me please :)

    Jago, you forgot your sleeping bag, some screw terminals, and your DIN13 cables. :rolleyes:

    We also found a micro-USB charging adapter with a UK plug and UK-to-EU adapter. Both Rosti and Taratang say it's not theirs. Whose is it?

    And we found a pair of prescription sunglasses, something like -0.50 or -1.00 dioptre both sides. Whose is it?

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