Eindhoven 2012 Meeting (September 20-23rd)

Thread in 'Locations & Events' started by Rosti LFC, 21 Aug 2012.

  1. Was sort of surprised muf didn't already make a thread, but it was sort of annoying me having everything tagged onto the latter pages of the general meetings thread so I figured I'd make it instead. There'll almost certainly be lulz to post, or at least stream links, so it makes sense to have a dedicated thread. Also muf seems to have been a bit slow replying to people in IRC so questions might be answered better here :p

    Would be nice to get a solid list of attendees and dates together, for nothing else than I like to know when people are going to be around and I figure that other people do to.

    So, confirmed:
    Rosti: 19th-23rd
    jago: 20th-24th
    Taratang: 20th-24th
    steadshot: 20th-23rd
    Qlex: 21st-23rd
    cyberguile: 22nd-23rd
    Kevcel: 21st-23rd (arriving in the evening due to college)
    Colin: 21st-23rd
    md`: 17th-24th

    Cool shit that will be there at the meet:
    - TGM3 x ∞ (lol PC game)
    - TAP x 2
    - TGM1 x 3
    - SC2 x like 4 or something
    - Sega Tetris 1988
    - Tetris Kiwamemichi
    - Tetris Plus 2
    - 29" CRT broadcast monitor
    - Special one-off TC meeting shirts
    - DreamHack Eizo Open Valencia on 37" TV
    - SD quality feed of the meeting to Twitch.tv, 2 direct game feeds and 2 HD webcams
    - the same bar we've been to like the last couple of years
    - awesome hot-dog things that make your mouth taste like crap when you're hungover the next day
    - Piko/GMO Thursday night
    - Friday pizza night

    Unconfirmed, might be there:
    - Tetris cookies (PLX JAGO :wub:)
    - Bobbah

    Totally not cool shit that won't be there:
    - Amnesia and KevinDDR becuz they is both faggits
    - Lordstar cause his boss is a meanie

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  2. Put me in as Sep 20-23.

    Jesus Christ...
  3. Muf


    Hey guise, I have an idea! Why not, instead of watching DreamHack Valencia, I put Gangnam Style on repeat on the TV instead :sowsuser:
  4. In between matches that'll probably amount to the same thing anyway :\
  5. Muf


  6. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Ah that was close...If I had no gf, I could easily come..
    Next meeting for me is STUNFEST XIII
  7. I can confirm 22-23rd September.
    Will probably arrive on Friday evening 21 September, since I can't skip college :p

    [edit] btw, in addition to 'the cool shit that will be there at the meet', I could bring my 'collection' of less cool old GB games (Tetris, Tetris DX, Magical Tetris Challenge).
    If somebody happens to have a GB Advance SP, they can be played with some decent backlight.
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  8. just checked the Air france - Klm website, will most probably arrive at schiphol on saturday at around 13h45 and leave sunday evening (same flight than qlex I think)
  9. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    I came for cheap with WIZZAIR, but from Budapest, maybe from Lyon or Paris there are good opportunities.
  10. [​IMG]
  11. K


    i'll be there dude... from 20 to 24
    i hope to get high
  12. Muf


    Just a heads-up, the shirts will probably end up costing about €15.50 or £12.40. I'll place the order when I know if Colin is coming or not.
  13. COL


    I'm coming :p
  14. Muf


    What's your T-shirt size?
  15. My return flight is actually on the 24th so I'll be leaving first thing Monday morning, hope that's ok.
  16. Muf


    Nah that's perfectly fine; that's what Jago is doing.
  17. COL



    i'll arrive friday early in the morning and leave sunday afternoon
  18. Do I need to book online for the Schiphol-Eindhoven train, or is that not necessary?
  19. You don't need to book - it's perfectly possible to buy tickets at the station, and in my experience (having done it three times now) it's not particularly busy unless it's rush-hour, and that's just for the Utrecht-Eindhoven leg, if you take a train where you have to change at Utrecht.
  20. COL


    I won't be able to come :(

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