Challenge: Echo's Arthritis Challenge™

Thread in 'Competition' started by Echo, 16 Apr 2019.

  1. This is a pretty stupid challenge for all of you guys to try :D
    If your hand doesn't hurt yet, strap yourself in...

    • You have to play Death™ compatible timings.
    • You have to play on keyboard.
    • You have to play with one hand only.
    • You can use any TGM clone client (if it has correct Death timings)
    • It's recommended to bind all 5 fingers, but it's not mandatory at all to use 5 keys.
    • 1 key per finger.
    • No modifier keys or macros, 1 action per finger.
    • First player to reach GM will win the title of "Qlex of the year"

    As of now I managed to get a measly 206, there's a lot to work on, but if my Tetris math is correct that means some of you guys should be able to reach at least 300 pretty easily.

    I used the following bindings: (keep in mind you can use whatever ones you want)
    Thumb - CCW
    Index - Left
    Middle - Lock (not used... yet)
    Ring - Right
    Pinky - CW
    These are also on Vi/Vim bindings, hjkl + space. :D
    Currently considering swapping lock for the second CCW.

    So yeah... Good luck all ye who enter here.
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  2. I already have RSI, I'm good. Regular Tetris already hurts me
  3. Can runs be submitted without handcam?

    edit: too poor to buy one
  4. Not in the rules, so go ham
  5. Yeah, I guess... But ps3 eye is less than 10€ and it's 480p60, so consider it

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