Easiest way to hit NES lvl 29

Thread in 'Strategy' started by colour_thief, 10 Sep 2013.

  1. Well, It certainly can't hurt to have on-demand range! :D I'm just saying the game gives you all the tools you need to play without having Thor Thumbs, haha. (I believe Thor does a combination of both strategies, fwiw. But, when he needs the extra range, you can clearly see the power of Thor's Hammer! :p)

    Unless you're matching or beating 10 times per second, there is definitely going to be some potential gain in utility by leveraging the game's built-in move speed. I can't even get close, -- not consistently anyway -- so I'll never tap unless it's very close to the center of the playfield, or a single timed tap hop at the end of a move to extend beyond the piece's normal DAS range.
  2. welcome clayton... I'm glad my occasional youtube trolling (searching 'NES Tetris' setting it to within a month and seeing what there is to see) pays off for the group ;)
  3. I recently saw that he had posted on Nintendo Age and Hard Drop, and quicker than I could think "hm I wonder if he'll join us at -- " he was already tipped off and already here. :D

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