[DOS] Blocks from Hell

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  1. Hey i want to contribute this here because i feel it's a much overlooked Tetris Game and it hasn't been posted about in this forum so i want to fill that gap.


    Blocks from Hell: can be DOWNLOADED here (also playable in browser)
    • 18kb download (about half of that is the readme)
    • Runs perfectly in DOSBox (thats an emulator that runs on windows/mac/linux. i run it at 19000 cycles)
    • from 1992
    • Has Harddrop
    • Controls can be customized via a DOSBox mapper file. Let me know if you need help with that.
    • no Lock-Delay
    • faster DAS than NES (yay)
    Here's the controls (from the readme):

    I really enjoy my dose of No-Lock-Delay Tetris every once in a while and am not into NES tetris, so that's what i play apart from TGM. Thanks for the attention!

    ps: my [probably shabby] Highscore is 40472 ... try beating that!
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  2. new highscore: 41211


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