does G-TET even exist?

Thread in 'Discussion' started by orz, 30 Oct 2019.

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    seriously there is not a single screenshot anywhere and i've used all kinds of search operators and shit on google and cannot find anything aside from a few references to the game here and on japanese pages (which don't have any substantive information about the game on them)
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    I've been looking for it myself. i remember it and d-tet as two tetromino games that Mihara respected as not TGM clones (form what i remember reading). but i've only ever seen d-tet. never g-tet.
  3. orz


    i found a screenshot while i was searching around on yahoo jp
    there might be more out there, i only went a few pages in
  4. I think I stumbled on that person's blog before - here's a link for reference.

    Some time back I started compiling a list of lost games. GTET's on there, as well as a few other games (I suspect there are more Tetris-type games out there that have since been lost as well).

    colour_thief used to have a copy of GTET but it seems it's gone now. Contacting Japanese players may or may not help.

    EDIT: Tweet with the game's title screen
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    okay got my laptop hard drive. i do have bomblin 0.97x. i'm tying to get my original download off of it. if not i have a new archive i can upload to my website.

    here's 0.97x

    this is NOT the original archive, which i no longer have. i have changed hold from c to space, and I have a few high scores. it is otherwise unmodified. I haven't figured out how to clear the ranking.

    on 0.95 controls are arrows, z ccw x cw c hold.

    on this one space is hold instead.

    keyconfig.exe doesn't seem to like my windows 10, and is looking for a missing DLL of some sort, though it does not say what one it is.if you want ti back to c for hold copy the key.ini from version 0.95

    manbows website still exists, but no longer appears to have the game, and he has nuked bomblin
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  7. Thanks for finding Bomblin, really appreciate it. I've updated the list of lost games.

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