Differences between Nullpo, Hebo, Texmaster and TGM series.

Thread in 'Discussion' started by Tiago Dutra, 23 Mar 2011.

  1. Hi guys!:D
    Sorry for this lots of questions, i've been quite curious later:p
    I've been curious about the diferences between Heboris (UE, MINI, LITE, Original), Nullpomino, Texmaster and the TGM series (TGM, TAP, Ti, Ace).
    I'm searching for diferences on clones, just to know;)
    Thx for any answers!
  2. Amnesia

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    omg...You are opening a huge discussion.

    I would sort them like this in term of accuracy :

    1 - Nullpomino
    2 - Texmaster
    3 - HEBORIS

    In term of interface and variability of options :

    1 - Nullpomino
    2 - HEBORIS
    3 - Texmaster

    Both are good, they have their own advantages..
    Everybody abandonned this poor HEBORIS, but he was so great..

    The TGM emulations (1 and 2) doesn't exist in perfect emulation, we have today something very good for TAP, and quite crappy for TGM.
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  4. Edo

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    More people need to encourage Deeem2031 to continue work on this -- it emulates TAP Master and TAP Death so accurately that it can play back .inp files recorded with MAME without desyncing, and I believe playback of TGM1 .inps is also near perfect too.
  5. Amnesia

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    YES !! I ENCOURAGE YOU !!! :sowsuser:
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    More importantly, you can convert Eirstt replay files to .inp files to once and for all prove that your achieved record is 100% legitimate.
  7. Thanks for the answer, Amnesia!

    Nulpomino surpassed Heboris and Texmaster in accuracy, being the most popular clone nowadays, also being actively developed and quite customizable too.

    But there's somethings i miss on Heboris, like some unusual options (like one that enables you to rotate and move the piece horizontaly while on the ARE, quite fun to play!), but i still don't fully understand Heboris.

    Also, i think Heboris has a better interface than Nullpo (i think it's because the playfield was on the center, or just because Nullpo's is simpler...)

    Anyway, thanks for the answer!
  8. Does that mean eirstt has the same input lag that emulated TAP does? Or would it just take longer than 10 minutes of play time for 1-2 frames of lag to cause a desync?

    Edit: as far as I know, NullpoMino has not yet surpassed Texmaster as the most popular TGM clone. This probably has something to do with Nullpo's input lag, which has been getting even worse in recent versions.
  9. Well, Nullpo's being atively developed, sure they will find a solution for the input lag!
    Texmaster's a very good clone, but isn't in my prersonal preference, and it is not being very developed, so i give my current focus on Nullpomino!
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    I'm pretty sure input lag never causes desync, because it just means the effects of pressed input are seen later; it doesn't affect piece sequence or timings.
  11. Texmaster is a bit less bloated if all you want to play is TGM stuff. The convert to AVI feature is a pretty useful thing too.

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