Designing the Ultimate Tetris Game

Thread in 'Discussion' started by Chad Muse, 30 Aug 2013.

  1. I've been thinking about the possibility of a version of Tetris with the most possible flexibility, just for the heck of it:

    In such a version, you could:

    Have a slider for:

    1. time until piece locks (NES, zero, to DS, infinite)
    2. das speed (where relevant)
    3. relative frequency of each piece (still random, but you could set relative bias on a sliding scale from most frequent to least frequent)
    4. number of pieces in preview (0-7, or whatever).
    5. twist through stack/wall flexibility
    6. overall randomness of pieces (completely random like classic or artificially even distribution like some modern versions)
    7. top speed (think ability to choose fastest speed in NES version)
    8. both length and width of board


    1. 'Hold bin' on (more modern) or off (classic)
    2. Kill screen or not (ability to play forever in theory or not)


    1. Hardest difficulty (but still playable) type:
    -super fast, can get lines but not really tetrieses (like PAL level 19 or SNES level 29+)
    -invisible upon hitting bottom (TGM style)
    -sound only (even harder than TGM invisible)
    -outline of blocks only
    -randomized block colors
    -rising junk lines from bottom
    2. Junk level (like NES B type)
    3. Colors, block styles, etc (pimp your tetris game)

    1. Finite lines to complete (common mode in lots of Tetris games)
    2. Challenge modes like in DS
    3. Vs. obviously, where each player can choose their options and handicaps

    1. ability to watch AI.
    2. ability to tell AI how to play (ie. how much weight to give to various rules)
    3. lots of difficulty levels in vs. computer mode

    Etc - just a start. Other ideas?

    My idea is just to be able to do almost anything you could imagine wanting to do. The only thing that would stay the same is the 7 blocks and their standard rotations. We're talking a programmer's nightmare, but player fantasy here.
  2. "standard rotations"

    There are two main rotation schemes: ARS (all tgm games) and SRS (all other new tetris games). A player's true fantasy wold be to have either one selectable. :)
  3. Muf


    I think you're pretty much describing Nullpomino here?
  4. Yep, Nullpomino to a tee -- even right down to "a programmer's nightmare." :sowsuser:
  5. Hmm.. why on Earth have I not played Nullpomino yet??? :confused:

    Thanks for the tip.
  6. Nullpomino really has the customisable Tetris game idea covered.

    Best to consider developing something that has something new to offer.....not easy though.
  7. Muf


  8. Because development of GMO has gone so easy :awe:
  9. In my opinion, presentation is just as important as the features. That's where existing clones could be improved upon.
  10. orz


    i wonder when the ultimate tetris game will be released

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