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  1. 500, which is a PB over my 499 from last year lol
  2. Improved to level 423.
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  3. Minor increase after hours of suffering
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  4. upload_2018-3-31_0-8-19.png
    fucking finally
  5. It's getting harder and harder to mine new deaths these days

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  6. Sorry, i forgot to mention Vani's name the last time. She managed to make a better score now: 424
    vani ta death.jpg
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  7. The last day of the Carnival is here, and we're still miles behind 2016 and 2017 and even a little behind 2015. Keep the scores coming, we can still do it!
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  8. Muf


    What makes you think it's the last day of the carnival? It always runs for a week, and we usually allow a few hours of extra time because people are in different time zones. So there's still all of Sunday to keep dying! :D
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  9. Yeah, but if Sunday's the first day then the next Saturday's the last to make it one week. At least that's also what Kitaru said on Discord about the Sunday. ^^
    That being said, I was not gonna "end" the Carnival until Sunday evening anyway because timezones and stuff. Just wanted to tell people that we don't have a lot of time left.
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  10. The only run that I got >400 in today, but hey, it's not bad! 465. upload_2018-3-31_23-40-24.png
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  11. [​IMG]

    I'm losing my edge. D:
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  12. [​IMG]

    And that'll wrap up my carnival, I think.
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  13. FeV


  14. Small improvement to 431.
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  15. I legit got 5:36 but forgot to hit capture, which is a very me thing to do.

    I'll probably still play this tomorrow!
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  16. Video coming soon, I'm providing arcade cabinets for an anime convention this weekend so don't have access to my stream PC where the recording is but I got 999 in 6:14. Just figured I'd get a post in ASAP.
  17. Hello, please insert me into the list of those with an M! 519 in 3:29.18! WOO WOO

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  18. wag


    Best I could pull this week was 182.
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  19. Only had time for one game.


    If thread is still open when I get home I'll try to get a better game in.
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