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  1. And that's it. The final update has been given and with everyone's plays including some last-minute contributions, we hit that 30k!

    There are so many people I instantly regretted I put the records on my notepad after I accepted it. Seeing people whose number of messages indicate they are not long-time members come here and give Death a chance...

    If you know me, you should know that I like it :) In case, I liked all your posts.

    I give a thumbs up to the rivalries that kept going, as well as new PBs by a significant proportion of people (some of which were first time players of this mode. It counts!).

    I also enjoy that some others actually are coming back just for the occasion and decide to play again after some time, especially with how life can be a bitch sometimes. Glad so many of you came back :)

    You're all free now. Get a well-deserved rest.

    Then wake up and play some more Death ;)
  2. Qlex, please. Everyone knows you can't escape Death.
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  3. If you're still accepting scores, here's mine.
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  4. The Carnival ended a month ago. There's always next year!
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  5. Alrighty then. Hopefully, next year, I can hit the 200s. If only I could pyramid and keep the tetris hole on the right instead of stacking near-flat. ><;
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  6. Near-flat is fine. Great, in fact. There really isn't a problem until you start "curving" downwards. Play a little every day and you'll reach level 200 in no time. Next year you'll likely be in your 300s, now that's quite a tough hurdle to overcome.
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  7. Also being able to shift your Tetris hole dynamically is still better than having it stuck on the right side. Keep it where it's most convenient for you, and don't go out of your way for tetrises, they don't really give you any real advantage in Death - instead keep a funnel in the side, so you can use most pieces for skimming when they don't fit elsewhere.
  8. Muf


    Level bonus and line clear delay (not applicable to 0-200).
  9. Pretty sure that level bonus is Ti only? Afaik in Death a Tetris is only +4 lines.

    EDIT: According to this, I'm correct and TAP has no level bonus for Tetris clears.
  10. Muf


    So I've been aiming for tetrises for no good reason all this time? :sowsuser: Nah just kidding, I find going for tetrises makes for a playstyle I don't have to think much about (I do it by habit), and it has the advantage of turning Master mode into basically a really slow death mode.
  11. Still unable to reach level 400, I'm not one to label myself the expert in this mode, but I've never heard of anyone who go specifically for making tetrises in Death, just for the sake of saving a few frames of line clear delay. Sure, you'll want to avoid too many singles, but in the end, keeping a stable stack and avoiding ever stalling will always save you much more time in the end.
    I think it was Kevin who also claimed on one of his streams during the carnival, that the line clear delay may even be an advantage due to the few extra frames of thinking time, and when someone on his level has that approach, I don't think any beginner to this game should ever even consider trying to save time here.

    That said, and as I also pointed out, keeping a nice tetris hole with a funnel on the right side is always "good practice", makes your stack easier to maintain, and a good habit to carry over to Master mode. Just don't go out of your way to cash in a Tetris. Think of it as a catch-all wildcard to get you out of sudden tough situations. That mindset definitely helped improve my game.
  12. Still struggling to even breach 160 here, all my near-flat stacking causes at least ONE of my blocks to catch on a hole, and then I'm stuck. That, or an I-block comes along and I either can't pre-rotate it or I pre-rotate and fix a hole that doesn't clear lines. ><;
  13. If you can tell there's no way to place the I-piece in a way that will block the movement of other pieces, just IRS (pre-rotate) it to stand up, and move it one cell to the left if possible. That way you'll have the largest possible range of movement from any subsequent piece falling on it.

    This process is explained in further detail here, with examples for the other pieces as well:
    Anyone starting out on 20G gameplay should read that particular article before proceeding.

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