Death Toll 2014

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  1. played a 30 minute session throughout this busy week.

  2. Just a reminder that March 31st is the last day. It's pretty loose rules, so as long as you haven't gone to bed yet after waking up March 31st it's all good.
  3. not going to sleep for another week then. :awe:
  4. Cool, so it seems the final toll is 20,711!! It's actually our second highest ever. :D For those keeping count:

    2014: 20,797
    2013: 13,583
    2012: 14,963
    2011: 22,082
    2010: 20,596
    2009: 19,365

    Thank you everyone for your contribution! Nice to see a few new personal bests in there too. :awe:
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  5. Muf


    We would've had excess casualties if Kevin and orz had contributed. :\
  6. Edo

    Edo a.k.a. FSY

    If you like, you can add another 86 to the official death toll - I actually got a 588 after my 502, but was waiting to get something more substantial (and hopefully beating Rosti) before posting, but it never materialised. Looks like I owe Rosti a couple of pints... :(
  7. K


    Yo, sorry for my bad contribution.. i think i need more motivation.. remind me to bet my original TAP PCB next year to the most successful player. :awe:

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