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  1. looool
    "my left foot"
  2. COL


    at least you may should fix this
  3. ei


    Only took about five games to shake the rust off.

    I'll definitely play more before the week is out but I wanted to at least get one M in there in case I forgot.


    568 @ 3:36.45
  4. Key


    I have this question in mind for a while: in what conditions can a player enter his/her name after playing a game of Death?
  5. ei


    If you hold A, B, and C as the field disappears it'll show the name entry. (at least, that's what I always do to get it to work, you might not need all three buttons)

    If you enter a name it'll show a code at the game over screen, presumably for online rankings.
  6. Key


    I see. Thanks EIHoppe :D
  7. Key


    My best run so far is level 458 @ 3:29:18. This is my new personal best.
    Played on MAME with keyboard.
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  8. ei


    Oh cool, a new personal record. Surprising, as this game was just filled with terrible decisions.



    661 @ 4:03.98

    I think I had M at ~3:08 so at least it was decently fast play.
  9. 2012-03-28_14-09-09


    Slow, shitty and keyboard as expected during current semi-inactivity but at least its a completed run and adds to the toll.

    Congrats cyberguile aswell!!!
  10. K


    this is rusty !!
    best so far 674 ! :V
  11. Key


    Another personal best today! I played 20 games on MAME with keyboard, and I reached level 466 in 3:20:91! The average level per game is 290.0 :p
  12. 264 in mame.

    After trying to hit the Ti torikan so hard the past few weeks this is like brain surgery lol
  13. 336 texmaster/keyboard.
    Yes I know I'm noob :p
  14. made it to 519 in 3:26 something, fucked up getting a screenshot :(

    proof my death m is not a fluke~

    edit: mame/keyboard
  15. 727 4:53:96 texmaster
  16. A new personal best too:

    Gm, 999 @ 6:15:86

    I want to say 14-15 tetrises, not so sure. Only got one or two tetrises in the last five hundred levels.
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  17. 472 texmaster keyboard
  18. Well I am bad [​IMG]
  19. Edo

    Edo a.k.a. FSY

    Is it too late to add a 577? I haven't really played TAP in over a year (been focusing on TGM1) so this was the best I could do, sorry :oops:

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