Records: DEATH TOLL 2009

Thread in 'Competition' started by colour_thief, 25 Mar 2009.

  1. orz


    texmaster sudden - 447 @ 3:16:88
  2. Personal best. She made it tuesday though.
  3. 206 @ 2:17:43

    Sorry, I know it's not much of an improvement, but I passed that 200 mark!
  4. [​IMG]

    The first blow is struck.
  5. 333 at 03:28.69 (on the NDS clone)
  6. My 60th M of the carnival turned into...

    colour_thief ------ 999 @ 6:14:08
    ...a new personal record!
  7. Congrats [​IMG] video?
  8. I recorded it but I'm going to wait and see if I beat the record tomorrow.
  9. Ai


    Nice colour_thief!

    Improved my time and level earlier today in Texmaster while practicing.
  10. Ai: Waow, you own me at Tetris now... i've slacked so much on the Tetris front lately.. [​IMG]
  11. Oh hey, Meroigo and Ai are tied!!

    (But not with each other.)
  12. Ai



    Still a bad time though. About 20 seconds slower than you at the level 300 mark. I only manual locked at the beginning and started playing defensively when things started to look bad.


    And please don't say that I'm better than you. We're both at about the same level with each our own strengths. Believe me if I knew I was better than you I wouldn't hide it. I'm still not confidently manual locking, still no three button usage, still can't stack cleanly, still so much to learn... ^^
  13. 260. Not much, but there you go. I don't feel I'll be able to do much better, though 300 would be a good goal. I did get 280ish on TGM_NDS death mode, but failed again and again last night on the real thing...

  14. 424 @ 4:12:74 (NDS_TGM)
  15. ryanheise

    ryanheise Unregistered

  16. My best this week:
    TAP, 500, 3min37.78
    Still can't lock at 400 T_T
  17. two 500 games, but a full texmaster .sav file. the better one was at 3:26:xx. I bet i'll pull at least 1 m down tomorrow. It must be.
  18. My 70th M of the carnival turned into...

    colour_thief ------ 999 @ 6:09:66
    ...a new personal record!
  19. My 75th M of the carnival turned into...

    colour_thief ------ 999 @ 6:04:20
    ...a new personal record! [​IMG]
  20. tex sudden level 377 @ 3:11:91

    congrats C_T for your new personal best!

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