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  1. Here's some info on the Classic Tetris European Championship (CTEC) 2019 (copy/paste from the facebook page):

    CTEC 2019
    Finally! The dates are official! We are happy to announce that the date will be 20th and 21st of September 2019.

    We expect the Classic Tetris European Championship - CTEC to take place at Enigma Museum for post, tele & kommunikation which is very central in Copenhagen.

    BIP BIP BAR and I (Chrisstoffer Daniel) have joined forces with this great Museum which will hopefully be the returning location for many future Tetris Tournaments and Retro Gaming Expos to come.

    As a lot of you Tetris players and friends know, it is a yearly battle behind the scenes to find the right spot. Every year has been an exciting adventure with new locations and new connections. We thank everyone and all venues for their part in this journey - we have needed you all.

    We will be competing in both Game Boy and NES. However, it is our goal to provide Tetris on more platforms for you to play for fun.

    CTEC will be a part of www.retroexpo.dk again and by so attract a bigger audience year after year.

    The CTEC and Expo team will soon sit down and make the event and time schedule available for the public.

    The new location is 15 min (by foot) from Bip Bip Bar (where the afterparty will take place), and Enigma is in every way the missing piece as we try to live up to the professionalism and great work we see from our American friends and colleagues behind Classic Tetris World Championship

    Thanks for playing and being the motivation for doing this year after year.
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  2. Thanks for spreading the info! I'll see later on if I can manage to attend! :D

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