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Thread in 'Competition' started by colour_thief, 17 Jul 2010.

  1. Ai


    It'll take time before you get used to the mind **** in the 300 to 500 sections. Go take a look at the internal gravity in the wiki. It goes up and then back down before you start with the 20G sections. You better spend some time practicing in TAP Master or in the available clones as TGM+ is hardly suited for this.
  2. 20G is actually a lot easier than 2G for me, because I know exactly how the pieces are going to act. When gravity is high but not quite 20G, I frequently get fooled into thinking it is 20G and that something will go straight down to the bottom, and am surprised when it doesn't.
  3. Just 3 more weeks for you guys to get your TGM+ on! Don't be caught cramming at the last minute. :)
  4. orz


    woah uh this is a really cool background
  5. It's in the old default set. Just replace the backgrounds in /res/graphics with the ones in /res/graphics/oldbg.

    I personally like the old ones better; they have more of a Sega Tetris feel.
  6. [​IMG]

    I haven't forgot about this. Do I have until midnight in my own time zone? I hope so, even if I doubt I get 999.

    My best is only about 554, but I didn't take a screenshot...
  7. Ai


    I added your level 554 performance and just keep playing! ^^
  8. [​IMG]

    meh :\
  9. Well I concede. : ( My time's up. Though I'll probably keep playing to at least get a verified higher score than 554.
  10. Great job Kx5! Seattle TGM will never die! Never!
  11. Ai


    Thanks for playing everyone and good luck to those still in the race for the joystick! Or is kx5 the only one clearing the game who played for the stick? TGM+ thread has been updated. ^^
  12. *drumroll*
  13. So much time and I just fucked it up :facepalm:.
    Goddamnit, I'll just buy one now.

    To the winner: Have fun with the stick ;)
  14. Ok guys! I've drawn the names and the winner is... rednefed! Congrats!

    I'm not sure what your intentions are for it rednefed, but if you really feel keyboard exclusive as you mentioned earlier then you can feel free to offer it to another person any way you see fit.
  15. Ai


    Congrats rednefed! Have fun!! ^^
  16. Oh wow, I haven't checked the forums lately. Sorry. :(
    While I'm honored to have been chosen for the stick, I don't think I will make good use of it - feel free to offer it to steadshot, he tried so hard it was inspiring.
  17. Thank you soooo much! I really appreciate it! ^^

    I will even upload the run I submitted on YouTube. :D

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