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  1. That only goes for MS2, though. At least they were nice enough to fix it themselves for MSX. Pretty amazing blunder to put out there though, for such an otherwise well polished game.

    Neo Geo hardware runs at a solid 60fps and has zero input lag, that's more than you can say about TGM3. Pointless 3D graphics aside, any TGM game would run just fine :3
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  2. Muf


    Since the 3D is only ever rendered from a fixed perspective it would be trivial to bake the perspective effect into sprites that the Neo Geo would be more than capable of handling.
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  3. That was pretty much my point. I'm sure SquirrelMaster was just trying to be sassy, even if it makes no sense. :p
    I guess one may easily be able to mistake the fact that the gameplay is fast with how demanding it is to execute?

    You could really easily pull off a decent TGM clone on the NES. In fact, Tepples already did that.
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    I wouldn't call it easy. Tetramino/LJ65 uses quite some advanced trickery to pull off what it does, including dithering to allow for 7 uniquely coloured tetrominoes. Don't mistake tepples' knowledge of NES hardware with simplicity. ;)
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