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Thread in 'Discussion' started by ellemenope, 9 Dec 2007.

  1. ellemenope

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    Hello, I just stumbled across this site while searching tetris in google.. I've played tetris for a number of years, going through phases of playing daily, and then not at all. Anyways, I've recently become interested in increasing my skill. I consider myself above-average as a player, but seeing videos online tells me there's a lot I can improve!

    Briefly looking through the forums here, I have no idea about much of what is said.. I didn't realize tetris had such an intense following that warranted its own vocabulary!

    I've always played my tetris on my old GBC, I believe the version I have is called Tetris DX. Recently I've been playing pretty generic versions online, but I definitely prefer the handheld to the keyboard in terms of playing..

    I'm sure you all have lots of tips and advice, is there a beginners thread or anything I can read to learn a bit more about all the complexities of the game?

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    What game specifically would you like some advice on? There are just so many varieties of tetris and advice differs from one to the other. Or perhaps you're looking for advice on which versions to play?
  3. ellemenope

    ellemenope Unregistered

    Well, I'd like to be able to improve points-wise. I can last for a very long time, but don't seem to accumulate that many points. I realize getting tetris' earns more points, but then I end up with a huge pile waiting for the 4-liner to come and it never does and I end up screwing up.

    Also, is Tetris DS recommended? From what I've read here, there seem to be people playing Tetris DS, but I've heard complaints about it from other sources..
  4. Tetris DS is the least expensive, and therefore probably the most popular, option for online multiplayer Tetris. The single-player modes get old after a while, though.
  5. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

    Yes, if you already have a DS. What handheld systems do you already own?

    I think I know which "other sources" you're talking about. Those are the game critics who despise all games that include the infinite spin rule, right?
  6. jujube

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    i wouldn't buy any games or game systems until after the holidays. there are tetris clones like Lockjaw and Heboris that are free.

    as far as Tetris DS, i think it's a great multiplayer game and worth the money if you already have a DS. if you're super serious about playing competitive tetris then buy a DS too. it's worth it if you play enough. on the other hand, if i already had a 360 i would just buy Tetris Splash.
  7. ellemenope

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    Yah, I already own a DS, that and my old GBC are the only gaming systems I own (except for my PC, but mostly I'm on my laptop which is a mac). I think I'll probably buy Tetris DS, just as an upgrade to my old Tetris. I'll also look into those two versions, but I except they're for windows and so are not as convenient for me.

    @tepples: yup, you got it right. Like I said, I don't know much about Tetris, just that its fun to play! But if its recommended here (by those who know) I will definitely spend the 30$ or wtv and buy it.

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    Ah, you see, this particular issue varies from game to game depending on the piece randomizer. In newer games, the randomizer tends to be much more friendly and cooperative. As such, you're often recommended to go for tetrises and possibly even T-Spins.

    Lockjaw has a DS port if you're interested. [​IMG]
  9. I don't use a Mac, but I thought there was both a version of Lockjaw and Heboris for it. At any rate TDS is certainly worth the price of admission, especially if the thought of multiplayer excites you, and you prefer d-pad input.

    Well, even in Tetris DX it's very very possible to survive indefinitely. I've personally maxed out the score counter at 9 999 999. It would be good to have a more precise point of reference on your skill. What level can you make it to? What's your 40 lines record?
  10. Cdsboy's Mac port of Lockjaw is very out of date, but there is a relatively recent port of Heboris C++ to the Mac that runs quite well. You just need to install the SDL runtime library, which is also a free download.
  11. cdsboy

    cdsboy Unregistered

    I no longer have a mac, but if anyone with a mac would like help porting it, i'll walk you through it. I used xcode and it was fairly easy, all you have to edit is the paths.
  12. if you have a good cellphone, i recommend tetris. different providers will offer different versions, but if you get lucky and get ea's latest version you'll be able to play 40 lines / ultra / marathon, with online leaderboards and a live multiplayer service. i really think they got the multiplayer on the dot because this time because:
    • real elo
    • real random garbage (no see-saw tetris-- sending garbage actually hurts the opponent)
    • after two minutes overtime kicks in, where full rows enter at the bottom every ten seconds (i think) until you both run out of space to play. that way games don't last forever.
    • 1v1 so no stupid garbage distribution system

  13. That doesn't sound too different to TOJ.

    What do you mean by "elo"?
  14. Oh, I didn't realise he meant that. I thought he was referring to some sort of gameplay mechanic.

    Was Tetris DS deemed to be "real elo", or is there too much of a difference?
  15. no, tetris ds ratings never made sense to anyone. mobile tetris is very obviously chess elo. and it's different from toj because of:
    • garbage randomizer
    • no-kick t-spins
    • no combo
    • no bravo
    • no targeting (because of 1v1, but i like to think that if it were 3+ players, EA would evenly distribute garbage)
    and that's the way i like it.
  16. The TOJ open beta was 1:30 then every 3 seconds. Way too fast... 2:00 then 10 means that games will likely hit the 3 minute mark between 2 skilled players.
  17. k i'll verify, hold for edit please.

    edit: yeah, every ten seconds, but it waits until you drop the tetromino. also, when the opponent blocks out, it'll wait for you to drop your tetromino for the game to end (i guess in case you would block out with that tetromino). i can't imagine any game lasting over three minutes.
  18. ellemenope

    ellemenope Unregistered

    @ colour theif:

    Alright, so this with DX, do I don't know if its comparable to anything else, but 40 lines = 2:25 and in marathon I made it up to lvl 26 with a score of 242, 383, which is the furthest I've gone lvl-wise (only made it that high a couple of time, but I've improved since the last time I had my GBC out), but not even in my top 3 scored points-wise. The highest is nowhere near the max, only 359, 939

    @ DIGITAL:

    I suppose you'd need a DS flash card, no? Are they easy to find on ebay?

    @ caffeine:

    I've tried playing a generic free tetris on my cell phone, but the buttons are too small and hurt my fingers :S


    Where might I be able to find the Heboris port?


    Alright, well I've downloaded Heboris and got it working on my mac. The window is super small though, and the controls need A LOT of getting used to..

    DIGITAL Unregistered

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