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  1. I have been playing Dr Mario + Tetris a few times a day, and im finding pretty hard to push 450,000. Also, I dont think there is a high score for this version on, so whoever gets the top score should submit it there photo/vid.

    - Jono
  2. K


    grrr ok ok

    i will try then... :\
  3. Just checked out super tetris 3 and all I can say is thank you jagorochi, its so dam good and smooth, and you can start on level 20!

    I will have to try for a max out on it.......never done one before.

    Thanks again!

    - Jono
  4. It's really easy. I normally max out around S2, which isn't anywhere near top speed.

    (After 200 lines speeds go S1 to S9 if I recall correctly.)
  5. A tetris game in which players can obtain a max out would be all right for competition, the rules would simply be whoever uses the least amount of lines to obtain a max out wins. Just a thought.

    Oh yeah, I also think that a comp would draw more attention if there was money involved. I'm only speaking theoretically, but let's just say something like this: all entries must be made by April 1st, and competetion ends April 15th at 12:00 a.m. eastern time, entry fee is $20.00. Just a thought.

    You see, if say twenty people decide to join, then that's $400 in the pot. I would suggest the rules for the purse go something like this: third place winner gets his $20 back, second place winner gets double his money ($40) and the grand prize winner would get (if there were twenty entries) $360.00---a pretty sweet prize, if I may say so.

    Anyway, just throwing around a few thoughts.
  6. If there was money, I'd expect really strong proof. Like a video of performance, both controller and screen. No emulators. Without money, I'm cool with emulators using the honour system.

    Just my thoughts.

    And I'm cool using a maxable version, though a time attack strikes me as better than a "line attack".

    At the least, I think we need a time frame. What's the end of the challenge?
  7. I'd go for a money tournament with "strong proof." I'd probably willingly host the videos (i.e. players could just send me videotapes of them playing, and I'd convert it to digital and put it on the site). In this case, I really don't care which Tetris you use. Consider a handheld Radica game from Walmart, or perhaps one of those plug in play TV ones-- you know, something anyone could easily find and cheaply purchase.
  8. Whilst max-outs are fun they are also time consuming, I really dont think I could sit there and continuously try and get a max out in less and less lines. I would, but im getting a little frustrated trying to record a max out period. Also about the money I think its a great idea, but I dont have any sort of credit or debit card, so sorry guys that counts me out. Hand held tetris versions are also extremly hard to come by where I live, as tetris has been long forgotten here , but I do have two: ... ZZZZZZ.jpg ... Pic554.jpg

    (sorry about the links it was the easiest way)

    Both of these I dont think are that great for real tetris play anyway.

    I was also wondering is anyone having luck with Tetris & Dr.Mario?

    - Jono

    (P.S could someone please tell me how to post pics through the forum)
  9. I haven't been to motivated to play much... like I said I broke 300k, but that's nothing to write home about.

    Images work like most forums do, using the tags you see between the subject box and the message box. "[​IMG]" are used, without quotes. You place the link in between.

  10. Thanks alot.

    I dont blame you for lack of motivation, the version is just to random with generating the shapes, espically with the S and Z piece it seem to favor them quite substantionally. The score can vary dramatically (I believe) depending on luck not skill. The highest score I got (430,000K) was around the first 20 games I played and from then on I'v had nothing over 350,000K. I would say whoever gets the highest score in this "comp" is just super lucky.

    - Jono
  11. Finally got a actually cartridge of Dr. Mrio + Tetris!

    Don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing, cause its annoying me a bit already. But either way its much better to play on the console apose to the emulator, the animation is much smother. Something that I noticed when I reset the game (by pressing the B, A, Start and Select) was the game froze for a few seconds and my current piece (the L piece) was falling on a diagonal angle! It looked pretty crazy, I did'nt even think this frame exsisted.

    - Jono
  12. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

    Yes. Tetris & Dr. Mario, Tetris 2, and The New Tetris include an intermediate frame to make rotations seem more natural.
  13. Ah, Ok cool.

    Just wondering has anyone passed the 520,000? The most I ever heard of people getting was around 420,000.
  14. Phydeaux

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    Holy crap I want one to hang on my wall.

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